It’s easy to get carried away with our mobile devices. There are a number of things that can just take up countless hours of your time. Browse the Internet and get lost in the maze of Wikipedia’s articles or TVTropes’ trope pages. Curious about the new TV series everyone is hyped up about? View videos on YouTube or download the series yourself to see why everyone is crazy over this show. Next thing you’ll know, you’ll be tapping on the Next button without noticing the time. Or, you can sit back and curl up with a number of ebooks. Flip page after electronic page to see to the end the adventure you’ve embarked on.

Unfortunately, your mobile device isn’t immortal. Devices can carry only a certain amount of charge and unless you’re willing to be hooked up to your charger all night long, you’re going to be watching that little battery icon in the corner as you slowly but surely suck its life dry. It’s easy to get paranoid and to end up forcing yourself to stop whatever you’re doing. Instead of letting your limited battery life rain on your parade, take a stroll through the Google Play Store and take a look at battery widgets to help give you an idea of how much power your device has left in it.

We have gone ahead and put together a list of some of the best battery widgets for both Android phones and tablets.

Battery Widget (Elvison)

If you want a simple yet elegant way to keep an eye on your device’s power, the Battery Widget developed by Elvison is the one for you. It’s a 1×1 widget that shows your battery level on your home screen. But, the Battery Widget is more than just that. Tap on it and you can view more battery information such as voltage, temperature, health, technology, and status.

Don’t worry about cluttering up your home screen; a clear battery level indicator is available on the status bar so you can keep an eye on your battery life without having to stop whatever you’re doing. You can configure it to show in three different colors to reflect high, medium, and low battery levels. The Battery Widget also allows you to define your own alerts so the widget can automatically notify you about battery status changes.

Elvison’s Battery Widget is available in English, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Greek, Italian, Hungarian, Estonian, Turkish, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, and Polish. With all these languages covered, virtually anyone from around the world can enjoy monitoring one’s battery life through the Battery Widget.

Battery Solo Widget

Here’s another simple battery widget with a different look. Developed by Pedro Maicas, the Battery Solo Widget brings a more techie aesthetic. This simple gauge displays the battery level with solid white numbers, which makes glancing at your screen just to check your battery life easy.

When your batt’s at full charge, the ring around the number is completely green. As you use your device more, the green blocks will slowly turn grey.

Battery Solo Widget’s free version is the very definition of simplicity, with a clean battery level indicator on your home screen and battery information you can access by tapping the gauge. View information like temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit without the need to convert one measure to the other, voltage, whether your device is plugged in, its status, technology, and health.

Need more features? You can purchase Battery Solo Widget’s Pro version so you can access additional information like current, customize the widget’s look by choosing your own colors, and set trigger levels of your choice.

Battery Widget (geekyouup)

The battery widgets we’ve looked at so far were pretty much similar in function. Both Battery Solo Widget and Elvison’s Battery Widget were 1×1 widgets that gave you a simple yet elegant way to track your battery life and also gave you access to battery information. The Battery Widget by geekyouup is a similar widget that lets you monitor your battery life with a 1×1 graphic but also gives you shortcuts to Power-Summary, Display, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Settings.

Notice your battery life draining away faster than usual? Chances are one of those functions are on. You can easily view which one of them is the culprit through geekyouup’s Battery Widget shortcut.

Easily monitor how much juice is left in your device and easily turn Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS on or off with geekyouup’s Battery Widget. You can download it free from the Google Play Store.

Gauge Battery Widget

If you’re getting bored with the digital look, try something in analog. Gauge Battery Widget serves the same purpose as the widgets we’ve already looked at but it’s definitely no copycat. Though 1×1 widgets look clean and elegant and keep your home screen from getting too cluttered, they can sometimes be hard to tell the battery level with if your phone’s too far from you.

The Gauge Battery Widget, developed by Tomas Hubalek, gives you more options. Choose from 1×1, 2×1, and 2×2 widgets. 2×2 widgets are perfect for devices with larger screens such as tablets. Once you’ve selected a widget size that you like, you can get to choose which look you like.

On top of being able to choose the widget’s look, you can also pick the widget’s colors from a set of palettes to match your wallpaper or to help the widget stand out. Purchasing Gauge Battery Widget’s pro version lets you access more widget looks, manually configure widget colors, and adjust widget transparency.

Battery Monitor Widget

Craving for more analog looks for your battery widget? The Battery Monitor Widget by fsinib gives you more looks to choose from. Monitor how much life your device still has with a gas gauge-style look.

If you’re hankering for a more digital touch, however, don’t despair. The Battery Monitor Widget can give you that, too, in the form of a sci-fi looking gauge.

What makes this widget extremely useful is that it also tells you how long before your device kicks the bucket. That should give you enough of a heads up to start looking for the power outlet closest to you.

You can also access information such as your battery’s health, its temperature, voltage, time since boot, active time, and technology. The Battery Monitor Widget also gives you charts to track your battery’s temperature, level, and voltage over the course of several days.

That’s not all — Battery Monitor Widget can also provide Statistics like how long it’s been since your device was unplugged, its last level change, total charges, total charging time, total unplugged time, maximum time unplugged, lowest and highest temperature, and lowest and highest voltage.

Dual Battery Widget

Let’s break away for a second from widgets designed primarily for phones. Certain tablets, like the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime, have special needs. One battery indicator just isn’t enough. Sure, it may be able to give you an idea of how much power your device has, but what about the device’s dock?

Artiom Chilaru answers that question with the Dual Battery Widget. Using this widget, you can monitor your device’s internal battery and the second battery located in the device’s dock station. It’s more compact than, say, the ASUS default dual battery indicators, and to make sure that you can customize your home screen the way you want, the Dual Battery Widget allows for resizing. Make it wider, bigger, taller, or even smaller.

The Dual Battery Widget will reflect if your phone is charging. Remove the tablet from its dock station and the dock battery indicator will fade into the background. Tap on the Dual Battery Widget to reveal a break down of your battery consumption.

The Dual Battery Widget is available free from the Google Play Store. Get it for your tablet and its dock station today.

Beautiful Battery Disc

If your Android device has a dark background or a sci-fi tech theme, complete the look with the Beautiful Battery Disc. The widget’s look will instantly bring to mind the gorgeous neon-on-black look of Tron. Your battery’s level will be shown in percentage in the middle of a holographic disc or circle, which will fit right in with Ice Cream Sandwich’s Holographic User Interface.

Choose between 1×1 or 2×2 widgets to get the perfect look for your device’s screen size. The widget is more than just eye candy. You can also check out information like temperature, voltage, health, status, and type. You can also have a battery indicator on your status bar in the same sleek and elegant tech look as the widget. Keep an eye on your device’s health with this stylish widget. You can get Beautiful Battery Disc for free from the Google Play Store today.

Zebra Battery Widget

You might be getting bored of all those analog and digital battery level gauges, so let’s take a look at some unconventional battery widgets. First up is a unique way of telling how much life your device has in it. Instead of those gauges, the Zebra Battery Widget gives you a zebra.

It isn’t just any type of zebra, however, because this one has vanishing stripes. The more your battery life dwindles, the fewer stripes remain on your zebra. By the time the stripes near the zebra’s head disappear, you’ll be out of juice. Don’t worry, you won’t be doing any guess work. Your battery level will be displayed in percentage under the zebra.

Tapping on the zebra widget brings up its settings menu. You can opt to hide the text output and to show the battery notification on the notification bar. You can even choose the text color yourself by playing around with the RGB sliders. Make your zebra really stand out from your background by setting the zebra’s pattern color and choosing a body color to either compliment it or contrast it. You can also access the usual battery information such as status, power plug, health, technology, voltage, and temperature.

Battery widget Z

Want more cute animals? Battery widget Z, developed by comxp, will give you a good dose of cuteness. Instead of the usual gauge, you can choose animals for your 1×1 widget. Choose a cat, a dog, a rabbit, a panda, and many more to help you monitor your battery level.

Your animal of choice will have the battery level in percentage displayed below it. Battery widget Z also allows you to keep an eye on your device’s juice by putting an icon in your status bar. You can opt for a regular battery icon or you can amp up the cute factor by selecting a star, a heart, an apple, a word balloon, or even a paw. You can also access information like battery temperature and voltage and access the RAM Manager.

Battery widget Z supports both English and Korean. Get a cute animal companion to help you monitor your battery level today. Download Battery widget Z from the Google Play Store today.

Free Beer Battery Widget

If you’re a person who loves beer or knows someone who loves the stuff, get Free Battery Beer Widget. The icon is rather attractive and will fit right in if you have a restaurant-themed wallpaper on your home screen. As your battery life decreases, so does the amount of beer in the glass.

You can get a small widget if you have other things on your home screen, but if you’re planning on pranking someone, you can also enjoy the large and XL sizes. For maximum effect, we recommend using the XXL version. Don’t worry about the battery level reading being dwarfed by the widget’s graphic. Depending on the size you pick, the battery level reading also changes in size.

Of course, it’s more than just a hilarious but handy battery widget. Tap on it to reveal your battery capacity, status, whether your phone’s plugged in, health, voltage, and temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. This interesting way to monitor your battery life is available for free. Download it today from the Google Play Store.

No need to stop whatever you’re doing on your Android device. Install one of these sleek, elegant, cute, or even hilarious battery widgets and keep an eye on your device’s battery life. Which one of these battery widgets do you have on your device? If none of your favorite ones made it, let us know in a comment below.

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