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Mixing drinks is a valuable skill at parties and, potentially, even at work. Bartenders work hard for licenses. Those licenses let them serve drinks with confidence in bars all over the world. The apps on this list won’t give you a license. However, they will give you a bunch of drink recipes. The apps below all contain various recipes to expand your horizons and some of them even let you write down your own drink inventions for future reference. Additionally, some recipe apps like Allrecipe Dinner Spinner (Google Play link) have more gourmet drink recipes and apps like CookMate (Google Play link) let you write down your own recipes whether it’s drinks or food. In any case, here are the best bartender apps for Android!
  1. Cocktails Guru
  2. Mixel
  3. Mr. Moody
  4. My Cocktail Bar
  5. YouTube

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Cocktails Guru

Price: Free

Cocktails Guru is one of the more popular cocktail apps. It has a lot of the standard features of a bartender app. That includes a massive list of drink recipes, a list of popular cocktails, and even lists of tools and various ingredients commonly found in bartending. Each recipe has comments in case something went wrong. Additionally, most of the recipes have pictures so you can see how it looks when it’s done. The ability to add recipes or fix inaccurate recipes is apparently coming in future updates. That’s what the developer says at least. In any case, This is a very good app for finding some fun alcoholic drink recipes.

Cocktails Guru - best bartender apps and cocktail apps


Price: Free / Up to $11.99

Mixel is one of the newer bartender apps. It boasts over 1,700 drink recipes, a bunch of filtering and sorting options, and a neat pixel art style theme. The app also lets you create your own drinks in the app in case it doesn’t have one that you do. It also helps keep track of the ingredients you have at your bar and can filter drinks solely based on that. The free version gives you 80 recipes, some of the themes, and an ingredient calculator. The pro version unlocks the rest of the recipes.

Mixel screenshot 2020

Credit: Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Mr. Moody

Price: Free

Mr. Moody is a simpler bartender app, but it has a lot going for it. It filters all of its drink recipes for your various moods. You can say you’re in a whiskey mood or in the mood for a fruity, sweet, fluffy drink and it’ll have at least something for you to try. We don’t know exactly how many recipes it has since the the developers don’t boast a specific number. However, it has enough there to recommend it to people. It’s a free app so don’t expect the kind of width and breadth of a premium app.

Mr Moody screenshot 2020

Credit: Joe Hindy / Android Authority

My Cocktail Bar

Price: Free / $0.99

My Cocktail Bar is the most popular bartender app on Google Play. The app boasts a curated list of cocktails and drinks. It also includes the ability to show you drinks for the ingredients you already own. Some of the other features include browsing by category, the ability to add your own drink recipes to the app, and regular database updates. It even describes ingredients so you understand them better. The UI is simple and easy with Material Design, but is otherwise unremarkable. Yes, this one is really good. The free version contains advertising and the pro version does not. Otherwise they should act about the same.

My Cocktail Bar - best bartender apps for android


Price: Free / $12.99 per month

YouTube is a bit of an obvious choice but it’s not a bad one by any stretch. There are a slew of creators out there with a bunch of interesting and fun drink recipes. We recommend Tipsy Bartender, Steve the Bartender, and American Bartending School for some good pointers and recipes. You can also find a slew of top ten lists from various other creators if you want to know their favorite recipes. However, they’re generally click-bait and horrible so we recommend sticking to the pros. YouTube is completely free with advertising or you can pay a monthly subscription to remove ads, enable background play, and enable offline playback.

YouTube Premium screenshot for the best bartender apps list

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