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Best Android apps for awakening and unleashing your creativity

May 29, 2012

Everyone has her or his own set of talents. Some may have received the gifts of dancing skills, while others may be skilled in mixing colors and creating art. Talents and skills make humans special and these can be naturally acquired or actively nurtured.

For those who have a creative mind and want to improve their skills and talents, we have compiled some apps to awaken and cultivate your creative growth. These apps will help you nurture your gifts and, at the same time, have a great time with your Android device. So, here are the apps.

Artists need something to visually represent their creative ideas. Artists use different ways to present their ideas such as creating art on street walls, creating outstanding figures in stone, splashing colors on the canvas, and doodling on a sketchbook. For professional and wanna-be artists, you can create and practice your skills on your sketchbook. But if you want to preserve Mother Earth and save paper, you can try out SketchBook Mobile Express for your Android device.

This app is designed to help artists hone their craft while keeping their tools conveniently in their Android devices. The app includes basic tools such as a paint brush, an air brush, a pencil, a fill color bucket, and the irreplaceable eraser. Other features include undo, redo, expand, create new work, and a color selector.

For advanced users, you can also create layers and stack them up to create a magnificent piece of art. This app is perfect for those who own bigger-screen Android devices with a stylus pen. But, it can also be installed on smaller devices, as long as the device has a 1.0 GHz processor and about 500 MB of RAM.

What are you waiting for? Save more paper with SketchBook Mobile Express installed on your Android device.

I remember the day when I first doodled for my humanities class. Doodling is quite easy. First, you will have to aimlessly draw a line without lifting your pen or pencil. Out from that blob of lines, find a recognizable object. My first doodle drawing was of a man siting on a chair with a heart on his desk. Doodling is fun and improves your creativity. You can doodle on your Android device with the Picasso – Draw, Paint, Doodle! app.

Aside from creating doodles, you can also make works of art with this app. The app includes basic art tools such as the paint brush, color fill bucket, and the eraser. You can also draw art on your photos. Load up your pictures from Picasso or your phone’s Gallery and make it your painting canvas. Draw some balloons on your birthday party picture. Add a funny moustache and a tattoo to your friend’s photo. And of course, doodle something to complete your unique piece of art. Doodle your way to a creative mind with the Picasso – Draw, Paint, Doodle! app.

Clay is one of the media that professional artists and young kids use. With clay, they can visually form unique objects such as a clay pot, a vase, or even a pipe. But, if you don’t want to get your hands dirty, you can try out the Let’s Create! Pottery Lite app on your Android device.

This app lets you unleash your creativity and create your own one of a kind pots. You can make your pots look long and slender, or create pots with odd and interesting shapes. When you’re done, you can put your pots in the oven and have your own clay pot.

The app also includes some tools that allow you to decorate and add some style to your clay pots. Make them look like they’re from ancient Egypt or decorate them with the colors of the rainbow. Your creativity is your only limit for designing your pots. Once you’re done, show off your creations and share them with your friends. Be a professional clay-free potter within minutes with Let’s Create! Pottery Lite app on your Android device.

The green Bug Droid is the official mascot for the Android operating system. Every Bug Droid is also recreated to fit its OS version. There is a Bug Droid made of ice cream sandwich, a crunchy gingerbread Bug Droid, or bee-sweetened honeycomb Bug Droid. But the transformation doesn’t stop there. You can also create an Android version of your family and friends, too. Introducing the Androidify app.

This app allows you to transform the green Bug Droid into an Android version of your friends. Add some nice looking hair, stretch its legs, add cool eyeglasses, put on some nice fitting clothes, until you have your very own Android. Let your creativity free and create your own Bug Droid.

After creating your friend’s Bug Droid, show it off on your social networking sites. You can also use it as a profile pic or as a picture for your contacts. Fill your phonebook with your nicely created Bug Droids of your friends. Try out the Androidify app and let the mass production of Bug Droids begin.

Reveal the artist within you by using Fresco Lite (drawing app) on your Android device. This app transforms your device into an all-in-one art studio. Make your way to becoming a professional digital artist with the help of this app.

This app consists of basic art tools, such as brushes and an eraser, which can be configured in terms of its size, texture, and opacity. For added effects, the app also includes filters that enhance your work of art. You can use effects such as sharpen, emboss, scatter, vignette, and many more. The app also includes layers so you can easily create different art works into one magnificent piece of art.

Other features include the ability to export to Adobe Photoshop (in PSD format) with layers intact, auto-save, easily share you work to your social networking sites, and import photos to the canvas.

The Fresco Lite version only allows 2 layers, 2 filters, and 3 brushes. You will need to download the paid version for a price to unlock the app’s full capabilities.

Tired of your dull and mediocre pictures? What should you do to add your touch of creativity and stye to your photos? Worry no more, Android users, for Adobe Photoshop Touch is here to help. With the use of your Android tablet, you can now cultivate your creativity by bringing more life to your pictures.

This app is designed to edit and enhance the quality of your photos. Using its built-in features, you can magically transform your photos right from your Android tablet. Mix and match by adding pictures to layers and transform them into one magnificent photo. Use the filters to sprinkle some feelings and emotions to your images. You can also enjoy the Refine Edge feature that lets you select hard-to-reach elements such as hair.

For newbies, you can browse the inspirational galleries for styles and effects you’d want to learn. You can also view step-by-step procedures on how the pros do their work. After creating your masterpiece, share it for viewing on your social networking sites.

Be a professional photo editor and cultivate your creativity with the Adobe Photoshop touch app.

Another app that cultivates your creativity is the Sketcher Lite app. This is a simple to use app that allows you to perform simple sketches on your Android device.

Opening the app brings you to a blank drawing area. To start making art, simply press the Menu button and select Brushes. From there, you can select different brushes such as Sketchy, Simple, Shaded, Chrome, Fur, Longfur, Web, Squares, Ribbon, Circles, and Grid. Every brush produces a unique pattern. You can try mixing one brush with another until you’ve created something.

The Sketcher Lite app can be downloaded free from Google Play Store. You can download Sketcher PRO for a price and enjoy its extended features such as Undo/Redo, Pan/Zoom, and many more.

A creative mind takes time to develop. For best results, expose your kids to the arts while they are still young. I’m not talking about motivating your child to draw circles and squares on your living room wall. I’m taking about the Doodle Toy! – Kids Draw Paint on your Android device.

With this app, you won’t have to worry about cleaning your living room wall. Kids can use this to draw random doodles on your Android device. You can also use features like randomly selecting colors, mirror images, and cool brushes. What’s more is that the app also has some cool sound effects to entertain your kids while they make their art. Enhance your kid’s creativity with Doodle Toy! – Kids Draw Paint on your Android device.

The Art Of Glow is an app is like any art app that lets you draw random images on your Android device, but the thing that makes this app special is that it also includes special animations for your work. With this app, you can create your own fireworks right on your Android device. You can even create a group of twinkling stars.

The app features rich and vibrant animations which will surely entertain your creative mind. Be captivated with Art of Glow’s rich colors and smooth animations. This app will surely enhance the creativity of children and take the stress away from adults. Download the Art of Glow app and be fascinated with your animated art.

Do you know any apps that combine social, art, and guessing games into one? If you like those kind of games, you might want to try out the Draw Something Free app on your Android device.

Social–because you will be needing an account to use this app. You can use your Facebook to log in and play. You can also invite your friends from Facebook. The app allows you to choose a random opponent, giving you a chance to meet new friends.

Art because your creative mind and artistic skills will be tested. The game requires you to draw something on your Android device. You will be given a limited set of colors to use. To unlock more colors, you will have to gather more coins and buy more colors.

The guessing game is the fun part of this app. Basically, you and your opponent will take turns guessing each other’s drawing. One will draw something, the other will guess, and vice-versa. When you have successfully guessed a word, you will earn coins. You can use the coins to buy more colors and increase the number of available colors to draw with. Bombs are also provided in the game. Use the bomb to change the selection of words you need to draw.

The Draw Something Free app lets you guess 900 words and gives you 5 free bombs. Buying the paid version lets you play with 2,500 words, 200 free coins, and 5 free bombs. Download the Draw Something Free app on your Android device and let the guessing game begin.

Unleashing your creative mind is not that hard as long as you have the right tools. With these apps, you can develop your creative mind and improve your skills. Just simply have fun while you unleash your creative mind.

What Android apps are you using to enhance your creativity? Add your suggestions to the comments below.