With thoughts and ideas inundating our everyday lives, it’s only right for us to have a wider coverage of communication. This would allow us to understand things efficiently. In fact, international businesses nowadays favor multilingual employees who could communicate with clients abroad. Yet no matter how hard we try to learn everything, it’s just theoretically impossible. This can sometimes result in misunderstandings and confusions, which is the last thing we want to happen if we’re dealing with important people.

If you believe that communication is vital for everyone, then Android translation apps are here to make things easier for you. With these, you’ll not only gain a wider view of things. You’ll also get the chance to understand concepts based on how they are expressed in foreign languages.

Let’s try to take a glimpse at some of the most notable Android translation apps.

Google Translate

Your dream of experiencing the ease of using almost all of the languages of the world is finally a reality.

Google Translate supports 50 languages from around the world. One great thing about this app is you don’t really need to write the text that you want to translate. Google Translate has a speech option button which allows you to speak the words you want translated.

On its main screen, an SMS translation will pop out, and it’s in here where you can type whatever phrases or sentences you want to translate verbatim. Armed with a simple intuitive interface, you can easily access the SMS translation and history features.

Moreover, Google Translate also allows the user to send language translation via text message, Bluetooth, and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

With Google Translate, you’ll come to understand 50 languages with a simple click.

ColorDict Dictionary Wikipedia

Looking for something informative while translating foreign words?

You’ve found the right app that could give you just what you need. ColorDict Dictionary Wikipedia is a multi-functional dictionary and translator graced with a unique multiple-source feature, ranging from Wikipedia, Wordnet, to StarDict. This means that you’re not just limited to translating words to another language. The app also helps you understand difficult concepts with the aid of those mentioned search engines.

The app also has a voice recognition feature, and supports multiple dictionaries. Users may access offline dictionary support, and download a free dictionary on the market and Internet. And, since ColorDict offers fast search for both online and offline dictionaries, users could expect great convenience using the app.

ColorDict saves search history so you can easily backtrack on the things you were looking up earlier. This app proves to be a very reliable buddy to those who like translate and learn.

So, if you’re thinking of doing some wide-sourced translation now, then ColorDict Dictionary – Wikipedia is right here before you.

Tourist Language Learn & Speak 

If you fancy traveling abroad, may it be for recreation or business purposes, then it’s only right to check the Tourist Language Learn & Speak app for a hassle-free trip.

Useful and common phrases are present in this app, which would help you get around foreign countries. Text-to-speech (TTS) functionality is also provided, either through the phone’s TTS engine or through a cloud-based Web service. This means that you only need to click on the desired phrase to hear a native speaker say it. With the help of this feature, you’ll surely find it easier to communicate with foreigners.

Even though only few languages are supported by this app, further releases will be adding dictionaries for other languages.

One good thing if you use this app is you’ll get the chance to offer better translations to those who also need your help. Through Tourist Language Learn & Speak, you’re not just helping yourself. You’re also helping someone across the globe.

Talking Spanish Translator

Quick translation is what you’ll need if you’re in a hurry when you’re in foreign countries.

Talking Spanish Translator will be a very good aid for you. With its new feature, voice recognition for all major languages, you wouldn’t need to worry about typing in the sentences you want to translate. Just speak whatever words you want to say, and in no time, you’ll hear the translation of that same sentence in the language of your choice. You can even send the translation via email or SMS.

The app proves to be a very portable tool for urgent translation needs, but we also have to remember that this requires an active Internet connection to work. It might sound like a hassle at first, but if you start to use the app, everything will be worth it.

With Talking Spanish Translator, you’ll get the translation you need fast.

iTranslate-free translator

If you’re looking for something efficient and centralized, then the iTranslate – free translator  app is the best for you.

iTranslate maintains a minimalist design, and does its job of translating words, phrases, and sentences efficiently. The app runs on the Google translator engine, so you must have a network connection before you can use its services. This, in turn, will give you wider access to features for your desired translations.

For instance, you can access available dictionaries that contain additional results, meanings, and suggestions. You’ll also get the chance to listen to high-quality voices in most languages. Moreover, you can choose to save the translations to your favorites and send them via email or Twitter.

So, if you’re up for a full-blast translation experience, then now is the right time to grab iTranslate – free translation, and enjoy yourself while learning more than 50 languages from around the world.

Universal Translator

A lightweight and easy to use translator app comes in the form of Universal Translator.

The app supports 48 languages, and is based on the Google API, which enables it to run fast. You will, however, need an active Internet connection to use its services. Nevertheless, having the app will allow you to experience an easy way of navigating various translator features.

Voice recognition in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish is also available, and voice volume can be controlled. Additional features include speech synthesis, SMS translation, and social networking sites sharing. Remember to use the app on a fast and stable network connection, though, so that you can enjoy better translation support.

Universal Translator has its History and Delete feature, so if you need to check your previous activities, you could simply check on the History for reference.

With the aid of Universal Translator, translation and sharing can be made as fast and easy as sending a ‘hello’ message to others.

Translator + Dictionary

Not satisfied by mere translation of words? Then, perhaps you’ll need something that can give you both the translation and definition of the terms you want to know.  Translator + Dictionary can help you out there.

Considered as the only translator with an advanced dictionary, the app doesn’t only give you definitions of terms. It also allows your to learn the correct pronunciation of the words for the best translation experience. It’s equipped with a learning module, by which you can choose anything you want.

The app has two modes: the sentence mode and the word mode.  The first one translates short and long sentences into the most accurate variant of its translation, while the second one translates words with a wide choice of translations. In addition, the app allows easy sharing for translation results.

Translator + Dictionary will prove to be a very reliable source of information not only for translation, but also for vocabulary improvement.

TransZilla Translator

An app which provides quick translation service for more than 50 languages is here.

TransZilla Translator uses Google translate, and translates words and sentences in one click. Its features include Text-to-Speech in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. It supports voice input, although speech recognition is only supported in English.

The app is armed with Auto Detect language for translation, and allows users to share results via email and SMS. With over 500,000 installs, TransZilla has proven to be a helpful app for those who want speed in translating something.

Using the TransZilla app will give you wider avenue to connect with people of different languages with just a click, and even though its speech recognition feature is just open English, its availability in more than 50 languages allows interaction with a wider audience all around the globe.

In TransZilla, you’ll make text translation fast and fun.

TS Translator [Lite]

TS Translator [Lite] is considered as the top app in the travel category on the Google Play Store.  It has a 2-way translation feature plus a voice recorder which gives users easier ways to pronounce foreign words.

Even though the app is only capable of supporting two languages, you have the luxury to choose among English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese. The app also has more than 60,000 expressions recorded by native speakers.

If you’re looking for a rather unique experience with this app, then TS Translator [Lite] gives you Ask & Reply, where you’ll be given the most appropriate answer to any translation-related question. Major features include voice search, Listen all, sentence navigation and copying function, Q/A styled list function, and many more.

If you want an easy and feature-packed app, then TS Translator [Lite] is the best pick for you.

Multi Lang Dictionary + TTS

If you’re looking for an app that is simple and informative, you’ll surely love Multi Lang Dictionary + TTS. Powered by Google Dictionary, Google Translate, Bing Translate, and Wiktionary as online sources, this app provides the users multiple results with accuracy and speed. The app supports 64 language pairs for online translation, and 43 language pairs for online dictionary lookup.

These languages, taken from Wiktionary, offline dictionaries, and offline Text-to-Speech are all placed in one translator and dictionary, so that navigation among sources will be easier for users.

One unique thing about this app is its state of the art interface, matched with some unique features like the Word of the Day from Wiktionary, fuzzy search, and language swap. These functions make the app elegant and practical.

Multi Lang Dictionary + TTS is not only efficient in covering sources of information but is also very much reliable for fast-paced searching.

What Android app do you use for your translation needs?  Is your favorite app included on our list?