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Best Android apps to buy comics

March 29, 2012

We have a confession to make. We’re still fond of old-fashioned comic books and we just love watching our heroes fighting their own not-so-cool evil nemesis. Staring at the glossy pages of a Marvel or DC comic book brings absolute delight to our boyish senses. Comic books are a great pastime activity, whether it is Manga, Anime or just about any cool comic book that you like to read. Even better, there are a lot of apps out there that will let you read and buy your favorite comics online via your Android phone or tablet. Here are some of the best Android apps we know that will let you view and buy comics.

This app is the largest digital comic library in the market today with over 14,000 comics available for your reading and buying pleasure. Popular publishers like Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse and Image all have digital versions of their comics here. Another great thing about this app is that you can buy and view comics on the comiXology website via PC. Comics has been featured on and it has a special feature called “Guided View Technology” that will make viewing comic books on a small screen more enjoyable. Finally, the last and probably the best thing about this app is that it can direct you to the nearest comic book store where you can buy the hard copy of the comic book by using your location data.

Comic Shopper app for Android not only lets you buy comics. You can also buy amazing stuff like cards, action figures and other comic book-related merchandise that are released every week. Even better, Comic Shopper has a feature that makes sure that you have every issue of your favorite superhero comics that are released regularly. Navigating through the list of comics is also very easy with detailed descriptions of the content that will help you decide whether you want to go ahead with your purchase or not.  You can also share your wish list with your friends through the “Share List” button on the app.

Gain access to your favorite comics and Marvel superheroes including Iron Man and Wolverine on your tablet or smartphone with unlimited storage for the comic books bought from your Marvel app account. We’re talking about the Marvel Comics app for Android. This is definitely one of our favorite apps for downloading comic books. With this app, you will not have to worry about losing your comic book files as they are just a click away. This app features an animated panel by panel path for an even better reading experience. You can also browse easily through the cool pages of every book by using the zoom and pan functionality.

Finally, the biggest comics publisher from the North American region has released its own dedicated app for Android. If you love Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and the Flash, then you’re an absolute fan of DC Comics. Like Marvel Comics, DC has some of the best “almost equal and similar” super heroes that guard our planet from utter mass destruction. The DC Comics app for Android lets you have the latest issues of your favorite comic books every week when they are released. Interestingly, the app is also developed by comiXology – also the ones who made the previous two apps on our list. The DC Comics app for Android also has a “Guided View” feature that makes viewing on smaller screens or tablets more enjoyable and entertaining. Of course, the option to use the classic full page view is available as well.

Fresh Comics is not necessarily a comic book buying app, instead, it tells you when the next issues of your much-awaited comic books are going to be released and where you can specifically get them. The genius behind this app is its comic shop locator that guides you to the nearest comic book store in town. If you want to an eagle eye for your favorite comics, this app is for you. Probably the best thing about this app is that it is free and it has no ads. Yep, you got that right. More importantly, Fresh Comics also has a widget that will prompt you each time a comic book of your preference has arrived.

At last, you can now view all the comic books from your Comic Collector database via your Android smartphone and tablet, thanks to the CLZ Comics app for Android. However, this app is only for the serious comic book collectors. CLZ Comics is an extension or an add-on to the Comic Collector app for the PC and Mac. Therefore, it’s not a stand-alone app, and it will need to access data from your Comic Collector database to work. This app offers you the option to read your comics while on the go.  Also, it’s a great app to stay in tune with the latest edition of your favorite titles. CLZ Comics has a lot of features that you will surely love.

Alright, so maybe both DC and Marvel don’t appeal that much to you. That leaves you standing in line for the next Manga comic book release. If you love Manga, don’t fret. Presenting the Digital Manga Publishing Store, an Android app that is the brainchild of Digital Manga Incorporated. Essentially, this app brings out DMI’s extensive library of Manga comic books for you to feast your eyes on. Once signed in, you can easily navigate all the comic books that you’ve purchased in your library and access the reader for tons of previews from a wide range of categories. You can also double tap your screen to zoom into a specific area within the page or use it to enable the fit-to-screen functionality. Either way, this app has a lot of potential.

In case you didn’t notice, troll faces and memes have taken over the Internet. C’mon, this may not be your ideal comic book, but we got to admit that it’s really funny. Today, you will find small meme strips on sites like 9GAG and, but sometimes, it becomes quite tiresome to scroll through these websites in search of the latest funny memes. Rage Comics Memes is an Android app that will make it an easier task to view memes on your Android device. You can also download the images that you love and share them with your friends online. Again, it’s not really your typical comic book buying app, but it sure is a great app to have – especially if you’re bored.