Can you still recall the 2D games that people played back in the 90’s? Can you still remember Pacman, Bomberman, or the old-school Snake game on the first Nokia phones? There’s nothing more memorable than those games. They were part of our childhood and it’s great to relive the memories by playing some of those games again on your modern Android device. We searched the Google Play Store to give you the best retro and classic games for your Android device. Read on to check out our list of these old school games.

Disclaimer : This list is subjective and is based on the opinion of the author. This list only includes games on the Google Play Store and may not include one of your favorite retro or classic games.

PAC-MAN Championship Ed. Demo

Who could ever forget the dot-munching yellow guy called PAC-MAN? This game lives on in the Android era in the form of PAC-MAN Championship Ed. Demo. It hasn’t really changed; you can still play by eating all the dots without being caught by those ghosts. While the rules of the game have never changed, it now comes with slick new graphics. This also means you get to experience scrolling mazes and longer ghost-chompin’ combos. The better you play the game, the faster it gets! Relive the thrill of playing this game for free!


There could be nothing more famous than the Tetris game; even today’s generation is lured to this addictive puzzle game. Tetris is easy yet challenging, which is precisely the reason why millions of people love this game, easily making it an all-time blockbuster. Even the old guys can still play this game because it’s still really entertaining despite the emergence of millions of new games.

TETRIS free will bring those Tetris days back but with touch screen controls instead of the old school game controls. You get to track your scores and you get to rediscover the classic Tetris tune every level break as well. Try it — it won’t cost you a thing.

Snake ’97

Here’s another classic game that you should have played back in the old days. Snake was the in thing when the first Nokia phones first entered the market. This game made me sneak away with my parent’s phone, hiding into some corner just to beat the top score. Snake ’97 lets you revive that serpent that feeds on dots.

Everything is still the same (except from the fact that you are playing it on touchscreens) — the old school Nokia key pad controls, the game sounds, and even the levels and mazes. You can’t cheat with the high score because you cannot reset it just as it was in the original snake game. Play this game again, and transport yourself back to 1997. It’s also free from the Google Play Store.

Bubble Pop

Bubble Pop is another old-school game that most people can surely remember. It’s not as complicated as most games, but it’s one of the games that people play when they want to kill some time, such as short work breaks. There are a lot of variations in this game, but this one is still played with the classic rule of selecting 2 or more bubbles to pop.

On the other hand, this one already supports multiple game rules and more bubble colors. It’s also more exciting to play with the color blind mode where you have a harder time to distinguish bubble colors. You also get to see global high scores via Scoreloop integration. Go ahead and pop those bubbles one more time. It’s also free to download.

[Arkanoid] Smash Brick

When I played this game back when I was in grade school, I didn’t really remember the name and all that I could recall was that it really was a challenging game. If you have played this game like I did, then [Arkanoid] Smash Brick will let you relive those brick-smashing memories. The game is still the same; you launch the ball and move the platform to hit the ball every time it falls back until all the bricks above are destroyed.

Duck Hunter

Do you remember the classic Duck Hunt game? Shooting all those flying ducks was fun. Unfortunately, the original game has no app for Android, but Duck Hunter is played just like that old-school game. You just have to shoot all those flying zombie ducks by tapping them as they appear on the screen. You should be quick because one duck that escapes means a deduction on your life. Hunt those ducks again by downloading this free game.

Classic Pong

Were you one of those guys who got frustrated because they can’t defeat the computer in the Pong game? Well, vengeance is yours because you can play that game again with Classic Pong. The game has minimalist graphics to bring back the memories of the old days. And, what’s great is that you can play this game with your friend (if you still can’t beat the computer). You can download it free from the Google Play Store.

Touhou Bomberman

If you have played all those games mentioned above then you might also have played Bomberman. That game was tough but it was worth it when you reach the higher levels. Touhou Bomberman is the closest Android game to that classic. You can choose your characters and there are several modes to play. It’s slightly different, though, because the characters have special weapons that you can use when your status in the game has increased, but using those weapons can decrease your status. So, it has a twist to make the game more exciting, but it’s still about dropping some explosive bombs. It’s also free.

3D Invaders Beta – 3D Game

Do you remember the game where 8-bit aliens invade the earth and all that’s in their way is a tiny space ship? It’s also on Android and it’s in 3D. In 3D Invaders Beta – 3D Game, you still defend the planet but in a different way. You have to move your ship using tilt control and shoot at those nasty aliens by tapping the screen. Easy as that, you get to enjoy that classic game but in a 3-dimensional experience. It’s also free for you to download.

Radiant Free

Another variation to that alien invasion game is Radiant Free. Just like on those classic alien shooting games, you have to shoot all those aliens and collect power ups and weapons along the way. You have to defeat hordes of aliens and face an alien boss for every level. If you upgrade to the full version of the app, you get to enjoy more features like 100 game levels, 6 upgradable weapons, 12 special power ups, and more. Relive the classic alien games through this app.

It’s really great to relive those childhood games once in a while. There are actually more classic and retro games for Android that we were not able to include in this list. Let us know of those games by leaving us a comment.

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