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The best AI tools for job seekers

Need help applying to jobs? Here are some of the best AI tools to increase your odds of landing that next job.

Published onMarch 13, 2024

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It’s no secret that the job market isn’t in the best shape right now. With hundreds of thousands of workers being laid off this year in the tech industry alone, it feels more challenging than ever to land a solid job. Because of this, utilizing the best AI tools is more important than ever for job seekers.

Thankfully, tools for aiding job seekers have gotten more advanced and efficient in recent years, making finding work easier and more efficient. However, with the sheer amount of tools available, finding the most valuable AI tools can be a bit dense — that’s why we’ve compiled this list of the very best ones. Here are five great AI tools for job seekers.

Resume Worded

Jobs are more competitive now than ever before. Because of the sheer amount of competition, job seekers need to make sure that their resumes are pristine — and for those who aren’t as knowledgeable about what recruiters look for, crafting that perfect resume can be challenging. Thankfully, Resume Worded is an AI tool that helps with just this!

The process of using Resume Worded is fairly straightforward. After uploading your resume, Resume Worded will score it out of 100. Every facet of your resume, including the length, number of bullet points, wordiness, grammar, usage of necessary ATS (Application Tracking Systems) compliant keywords, and more, all contribute to your overall resume score, with anything above 80% considered good enough to submit to applications.

If your resume receives a lower score, Resume Worded will point out the specific fields that are lacking and offer recommendations for how they can be improved. After making changes, users can reupload their resumes to see if their scores have changed. This can be done repeatedly until it’s ready to be submitted.

This is a great tool for anyone who struggles with creating resumes, as a great resume can greatly increase one’s chances of landing that first interview.


Whether you’re drafting a cover letter or responding to a recruiter’s email, using proper grammar is very important. Poor grammar is one of the quickest ways to lose consideration for a role, so utilizing AI tools that check for grammar is an easy way to avoid this. Grammarly, the popular spell-checking tool, is easy to recommend due to its accessibility and ease of use.

While it exists as a separate website tool, we recommend downloading the Grammarly web browser extension — this will enable Grammarly to check your writing for spelling regardless of the website. This means Grammarly will check spelling whether you’re sending an email, writing a cover letter on Indeed, responding to messages on LinkedIn, or anything else.

Grammarly is one of the simplest tools around and is vital when applying for jobs.


While job search websites like Indeed and ZipRecruiter certainly help to simplify the process of searching for and applying for jobs, they aren’t perfect and still are fairly time-consuming. But what if there were other tools that made applying to work even easier? Enter LoopCV: an AI job-searching tool.

While on the surface, LoopCV is similar to job search websites, it does so much more. At its core, this AI tool completely automates the process of applying for new jobs.

First, the user must create their profile and enter all of their necessary information, such as their CV, their desired job title, location, and other specifications. After doing so, LoopCV will either apply on the users’ behalf (literally applying to jobs that fit the user’s parameters without any further user input) or provide the recommended jobs to the user, and allow them to do the rest. LoopCV can be set to auto-apply to relevant job openings on a daily basis and eliminate the hassle of job applications.

While mass-applying to jobs isn’t always the best route, LoopCV’s simplicity is hard to argue with. Try this one out if you’re tired of wasting time applying for jobs.

Cover Letter Copilot

Writing cover letters sucks. There, I said it. Cover letters are necessary for applying to many jobs, but it’s incredibly time-consuming and often feels like a waste of time. Thankfully, Cover Letter Copilot makes writing them far easier thanks to its ChatGPT-powered writing assistant. Essentially, the user enters their info, including their resume, details of the job they are applying for, and the basic tone that they want to convey within their cover letter, and the AI tool does the rest.

While not perfect, Cover Letter Copilot does a great job of generating a well-written cover letter based on what you feed into the tool. Though it may use generic language and lack some originality, at the very least, it offers a great jumping-off point for cover letters and makes the process much easier and faster.

Interview Warmup

Finding jobs and landing that first interview is commonly the most significant barrier for many job seekers, though overcoming it is only the first step toward success. After getting that initial email or call, applicants must prepare for a job interview, which can be even more challenging for some. Thankfully, there are great AI tools out there for preparing for interviews.

One tool that can help with this is Google’s Interview Warmup, which is exactly what it sounds like. This AI tool is a great tool for practicing online interviews and talking directly to a camera (which can take some getting used to!). This tool offers relevant, commonly asked questions for you to practice, allows you to rehearse the entire interview process, and provides helpful and insightful feedback.

If you have trouble finding good answers to interview questions on the spot, then Interview Warmup may be the perfect AI tool for you.

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