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BlackBerry has now completed the global rollout of BBM video calling.

Video calling for BBM started rolling out in the US and Canada back in April, but BlackBerry took its time to bring it to other parts of the world. Latin American countries followed on June 1, the Middle East on June 8, while users in 109 European and African territories got to try it from June 15.

Now BlackBerry is covering the last white spots by making video calling available in Asia Pacific. While last on the rollout list, the region actually hosts the largest number of BBM users, and is thus hugely important for BlackBerry. Indonesia in particular is, to this day, a BBM stronghold. That is why BlackBerry tested the release in smaller markets first, to ensure that crucial Asia Pacific users enjoy a grade A experience.

BBM is not what it used to be – not with the proliferation of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line or WeChat – but faithful users have not been forgotten. BlackBerry promises new features for the summer, including phone number-based registration, improvements to group chats, and the ability to share large videos.