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Automatically Setting Your Phone to Silent Mode According to Place or Time


Published onFebruary 14, 2012

Because smartphones are both handy and useful, we tend to toss them into our bags and bring them with us anywhere we go–at our bedside, in our offices, at dinner dates, and back to the bedside as we retire for the night.

While your Android phone can alert you to incoming notifications, calls, text messages, or important reminders, there are certain circumstances when you’d need to use audible alerts, and there are certain situations when you need to place your phone in vibramode or silent mode.

But, having to switch between sound profiles can be pesky and can chew up your time.  It’s often easy to forget to switch from silent mode to audible mode, or vice-versa.

In such a dilemma, the Auto Vibrate app for Android can be of help.  This app automatically switches your phone’s sound profile based on where you are or what time of the day it is.

The Auto Vibrate app is so easy to use. Its simple interface contains two main tabs, one for Location and the other for Time.

Under the Location tab, you can add a specific location, and set its radius in meters. You can add your desired location by pressing the Add button.

Once the specific location is set, your phone will automatically switch to silent/vibrate mode when you enter the premises. Your phone will know when to shut its mouth, for instance, when you enter cinemas or attend a meeting in the office.

You may also unmark a location from the list to prevent the phone from automatically switching to silent mode whenever you’re in the area. Take note that you will be needing an Internet connection before you can add a new location to the list.

Aside from assigning a specific location, you can use also use the time to automatically switch your phone into silent mode.

Under the Time tab, you can set the appropriate time frame for your phone to stay in silent mode and when not to. You can set the starting and end time, as well as the number of days it will be repeated in the week. Your phone will automatically toggle from silent when the assigned time strikes. So, whether it’s time to wake up, or time to retire for the day, your Android phone will know what to do.

If you want to try this app, download Auto Vibrate free from the Android Market and use it for automatically toggling normal or silent mode according to the place or time that you specify.

Do you frequently switch between sound profiles on your phone?  How has Auto Vibrate made profile switching more convenient for you?