Dear OEMs: Your Android update policy should have nothing to do with PR

C. Scott Brown May 15, 2021

Google I/O 2021: Here’s what to expect

C. Scott Brown May 14, 2021

The best and worst smartphone branding partnerships

Robert Triggs May 16, 2021

Emulation on Android: A beginner’s guide

C. Scott Brown May 15, 2021
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10 best life RPG apps for Android: Gamify your life

Need some extra motivation to get things done? Turn your life into a game with the help of life RPG apps!
Suzana DalulApril 3, 2021

iOS users can use Gmail as the default email app, which is somehow a new thing

It's catching up to where Android has been, and that's good news for everyone.
Jon FingasSeptember 22, 2020

Top 12 online tools for home office workers

Best online tools
Adam SinickiApril 17, 2020

Missing work? Check out this website that generates office sounds

The whirring of a printer, the clanking of a keyboard, the sliding of a chair... it's all there.
Adamya SharmaApril 10, 2020

Windows 10 Your Phone app now lets Android users make calls, see battery status

Some Android smartphone users can now make calls and check their phone's battery status via their Windows 10 PCs.
Adamya SharmaSeptember 12, 2019

Microsoft’s version of IFTTT, called Flow, arrives on Android

Microsoft's new IFTTT competitor, called Microsoft Flow, is now available on Android for creating simple trigger recipes to automating tasks and sync files.
Kris CarlonAugust 13, 2016

Zoho Notebook wants to steal you away from Evernote

With many Evernote users feeling disgruntled by recent subscription changes, Zoho Notebook is angling to be the next go-to note-taking app.
John DyeJuly 12, 2016

An end or an error: App downloads are on a dangerous decline in the USA

A new study from May indicates that App downloads in the USA are on a severe decline, with Facebook, Instagram, and Pandora taking some of the biggest hits.
Matthew BensonJune 15, 2016

5217 is a time management app designed to make you more productive at work

With 5217, you'll be able to swing into a work rhythm to make you more productive than ever before.
John DyeMay 5, 2016

The Rock Clock is exactly what you would expect from an app made by Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has made a productivity app called The Rock Clock and it is hilarious.
John DyeMay 2, 2016
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