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Tristan Rayner

Tristan Rayner is a feature writer and works primarily with Android Authority's European team.

Tristan's Posts

The surprising growth of used smartphones

Buying and selling second-hand devices is a growing trend: Why, and can it continue?
by Tristan Rayner5 days ago

Who owns the notch?

The notch is a thing. Essential did it first. Apple went bigger. Who owns the notch?
by Tristan Rayner1 week ago

Flexible OLED displays: A gorgeous waste

It's 2018. We have flexible OLED panels, and they're stunning. But they're still trapped by glass and metal. Why? And will they always be wasted?
by Tristan Rayner2 weeks ago

How Apple’s mind-boggling run shows only Google can compete, if it wants to

Android might eventually dislodge Apple's position in the market, but it's going to take a company like Google to do it.
by Tristan RaynerFebruary 16, 2018

Killing the ‘Google can’t innovate anymore’ argument

Googlers leaving Google is not always news. But when they accuse their former employer of being 100% competitor focused, we need to unpack the claims.
by Tristan RaynerFebruary 2, 2018

The cost of rising data consumption

Date usage is up, carrier speeds are down, and your plans aren't getting any cheaper. What gives, and what's the future hold for rising data consumption?
by Tristan RaynerJanuary 23, 2018

Why US carriers won’t sell the best phone in the world

Why won't AT&T sell the excellent Mate 10 Pro? Was it just US carriers playing hardball, political point-scoring, or did US intelligence have the final say?
by Tristan RaynerJanuary 12, 2018

How can you use Android, but not be tracked by Google

Android is without a doubt the most popular mobile OS in the world, but what about those who want to avoid being tracked by Google when using the OS? Is it possible?
by Tristan RaynerJanuary 5, 2018

Why cell phone plans are so expensive

Plan costs haven’t changed significantly over the years, even as technology has rapidly advanced. We keep paying, each and every month. Why do we pay so much?
by Tristan RaynerDecember 26, 2017

Tango was Google’s too soon moonshot, but ARCore can do better

Although the headlines read that Google killed off the ambitious Project Tango, the truth is that ARCore is exactly what we need. Here's why.
by Tristan RaynerDecember 21, 2017
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