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Tristan Rayner

Tristan Rayner is a Senior EditorĀ  compiling hit tech newsletter DGiT Daily, while working with Android Authority's European team.

Tristan's Posts

Amazon buys self-driving startup, EVs and hybrid Ford F-150s, plus more tech news

There's a lot going on with EVs, self-driving vehicles, and hybrid trucks too. Plus, OnePlus Nord camera news!
Tristan RaynerJune 26, 202060 shares

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 best look yet, and more tech news you need to know

See the Galaxy Watch 3 before it launches, Galaxy Z Flip will be faster than the Galaxy S20, and non-Samsung tech news too!
Tristan RaynerJune 25, 2020352 shares

OnePlus Nord looks official for July, and more tech news you need to know

OnePlus Nord is the name teased for the new affordable OnePlus smartphone set for July, and more tech news you need to know.
Tristan RaynerJune 24, 2020168 shares

What iOS 14 grabbed from Android, Apple Silicon, and more tech news today

Now that we've slept on WWDC 2020, here's all you need to know. Plus Mixer's downfall, and more tech news you need to know.
Tristan RaynerJune 23, 2020109 shares

How to schedule tweets on Twitter

Here's how to schedule tweets using Twitter, the official app in Android and iOS, and website on desktop and mobile.
Tristan RaynerJune 22, 202014 shares

Apple’s WWDC 2020 and Arm preview, and more tech news you need today

With Apple set for a big day, here's a quick preview of what will matter at WWDC 2020, and all the tech news you need to know
Tristan RaynerJune 22, 2020124 shares

Ford claims hands-free driving for the new Mustang, and more tech news today

Ford to makes self-driving promises for the new Mustang Mach-E, Apple App Store arguments heat up, and more tech news today.
Tristan RaynerJune 19, 202081 shares

Zoom opens encryption for all but troubles remain, and more tech news today

Zoom goes free-for-all E2EE, but not all is well, nor is it well for Huawei and its Mate 40. Plus more tech news!
Tristan RaynerJune 18, 202061 shares

5G everywhere via new Snapdragon 690, huge Apple battle, and more tech news today

Apple vs. Basecamp gets nasty, Snapdragon 690 brings 5G to the masses, buy the Boston Dynamics dog, and more!
Tristan RaynerJune 17, 2020133 shares

HTC has a new 5G phone but oh-boy-not-like-this, and more tech news today

HTC has two new phones, finally! But the new Desire 20 Pro and U20 5G aren't exactly ambitious. Plus more tech news today!
Tristan RaynerJune 16, 2020246 shares
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