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Tristan Rayner

Tristan Rayner is a feature writer and works primarily with Android Authority's European team.

Tristan's Posts

Cortana quits Android, and more tech you need to know today

It's the end of Cortana, as we know it (and I feel fine). Also, Ford's first mass-market Mustang EV.
Tristan Rayner22 hours ago85 shares

Why streaming services let you share your password, for now

Netflix, Disney Plus and others know you share passwords, but here's why they haven't really tried to stop you until now.
Tristan RaynerNovember 16, 2019161 shares

Huawei’s loss is Xiaomi’s gain in Europe, and Xiaomi knows it

Can Xiaomi succeed in Europe? Its first launch in Germany suggests it is really, really trying.
Tristan RaynerOctober 17, 2019510 shares

Google Pixel 4: A 2,800mAh battery?

What kind of crazy new smartphone comes with a 2,800mAh battery? The Google Pixel 4, that's the kind.
Tristan RaynerOctober 16, 20191519 shares

Fortnite reaches The End, and more tech news you need to know today

A Black Hole has made major news for the second time in 2019, but this one is Epic.
Tristan RaynerOctober 14, 2019405 shares

Essential’s long phone, and more tech news you need to know today

Essential cut its new phone in half but left it just as tall. Will it work? And more tech news!
Tristan RaynerOctober 9, 201997 shares

Tile Stickers, and more tech news you need to know today

Tile made a sticky Tile but it all reminds us that Apple is likely joining the find-your-things-ecosystem, and probably soon.
Tristan RaynerOctober 8, 201933 shares

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro review: Is the European K20 Pro worth the purchase?

The Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro is the European version of the Redmi K20 Pro, but is it worth your money to purchase this smartphone?
Tristan RaynerSeptember 18, 2019279 shares

Fairphone 3 hands-on: Modular, repairable, five years of support. What gives?

The Fairphone 3 presents an option for a new smartphone without obsolescence built-in. So what do we make of it?
Tristan RaynerSeptember 12, 2019400 shares

The best new mobile accessories from IFA 2019

Here are Android Authority's picks for the best new mobile accessories from IFA 2019.
Tristan RaynerSeptember 10, 2019207 shares
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