OnePlus 7 Pro camera review

Scott Adam Gordon

Scott Adam Gordon is a European correspondent for Android Authority. Follow him on Twitter at the link.

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Delicious OnePlus 7 Pro Almond now available in the UK

The limited edition handset hits the U.K. after landing in the U.S. and India earlier in June. Here's what you can expect from it.
Scott Adam Gordon6 hours ago81 shares

RCS messaging: Why I’m not hyped

At long last, the wait for RCS is almost over! Here's why I'll continue to not care about it.
Scott Adam GordonJune 21, 2019197 shares

Is it me or have smartphones become interesting again?

We've held on tight through a few years of smartphone stagnation, but I think we're now coming out the other side of it.
Scott Adam GordonJune 19, 2019354 shares

Samsung: The Galaxy Fold is ready to hit the market

A Samsung executive has revealed the Galaxy Fold's display problems have been addressed and it is once again ready for release.
Scott Adam GordonJune 19, 2019574 shares

Facebook reveals Libra cryptocurrency: here’s what it’s all about

Facebook announced the new cryptocurrency alongside a digital wallet called Calibra where you'll be able to access it.
Scott Adam GordonJune 18, 2019180 shares

12 things you need to know in tech today

Huawei founder tipping steep sales decline over the next two years, Google is accused of stealing lyrics, and more.
Scott Adam GordonJune 17, 2019115 shares

Huawei Mate X delayed until September (Update: No delay in Canada)

The company's first folding phone, originally set for release in June, will now arrive this September.
Scott Adam GordonJune 14, 2019468 shares

Chrome 76 beta: Dark mode, Incognito mode, and Flash get updates

The new beta is rolling out now for multiple platforms, introducing tweaks to some fan-favorite features.
Scott Adam GordonJune 14, 201979 shares

Google Play refund decision may take up to four days now (Updated)

Update: Google has revised its refund policy guidance once again, and it looks like the 15-minute wait time is back on the table.
Scott Adam GordonJune 14, 2019403 shares

Huawei’s plan B for mobile might be called ‘Oak OS’ (Update: Trademark filed)

The U.S. has blacklisted Huawei and Google has pulled its Android license, but the company has a backup plan years in the making.
Scott Adam GordonJune 13, 20193304 shares
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