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Scott Adam Gordon

Scott Adam Gordon is a European correspondent for Android Authority. Follow him on Twitter at the link.

Scott's Posts

Adorable Google Doodles are springing up on Pixel phones

An animation based on Google's homepage Doodle has landed on some Google Pixel phones via the Search widget. And it's very cute.
by Scott Adam Gordon15 hours ago

Check out Google Stadia’s machine learning potential with this slick GIF

Google has shown off a Stadia tool known as Style Transfer ML that could help devs create their games — and it looks pretty wild.
by Scott Adam Gordon16 hours ago

Google’s gaming platform may let you play along with your favorite streamers

Some last minute rumors have tossed up some crazy speculation about what Google's streaming service will offer.
by Scott Adam GordonMarch 19, 2019

Galaxy Fold wallpapers arrive in full resolution: Download ’em here

The wallpapers include those intended for folding and non-folding displays, as well as animated versions.
by Scott Adam GordonMarch 15, 2019

Google folding display patent emerges, but don’t expect a foldable Pixel yet

The patent shows off several use cases for what could potentially become foldable phone. But don't hold your breath for it.
by Scott Adam GordonMarch 15, 2019

Samsung wants full-screen phones with embedded cameras, but it might take a while

Samsung says it wants to make truly bezel-less phones with embedded sensors in the future, but the technology may be more than two years away.
by Scott Adam GordonMarch 14, 2019

Android Q has a secret desktop mode: Here’s how to activate it

A Twitter user has discovered a desktop mode in Android Q allowing you to use your smartphone with an external display. Here's how to enable it.
by Scott Adam GordonMarch 14, 2019

Which manufacturer updates its smartphones fastest: Android Pie edition

We've taken a closer look at the major Android OEMs to see who has been fastest to roll out Android 9.0 Pie, and who's lagging behind.
by Scott Adam GordonMarch 13, 2019

Google Chrome gets two important tweaks for speed and data saving

Google has introduced two significant Data Saving tweaks to Chrome for Android, including support for HTTPS pages.
by Scott Adam GordonMarch 13, 2019
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