Justin Duino

I’m a writer for Android Authority with a background in IT and Android development. While I have a soft spot for stock Android, I’m typically juggling two to three devices at once running both Android and iOS. My previous work can be seen on 9to5Google, Phandroid, Android Central, and AndroidMeter. Email me at justin@jaduino.com. Tips are always welcome.

Justin's Posts

Honor Magic 2 teardown shows how the phone’s slider mechanism works

The Honor Magic 2's sliding display is cool looking, but wouldn't you be afraid of it breaking?
by Justin Duino5 hours ago

We asked, you told us: You’d rather have bigger bezels than a notch

Despite wanting bezel-less phones, most would rather have bigger bezels instead of a notch.
by Justin Duino8 hours ago

Feedly redesign introduces a cleaner and more straightforward design with bottom tabs

The way that Feedly works doesn't change, but it's much prettier.
by Justin DuinoNovember 14, 2018

Pocket Casts introduces a Material Theme redesign with improved podcast discovery

The new Pocket Casts app also includes a streamlined experience, the ability to play shows without subscribing, and more.
by Justin DuinoNovember 14, 2018

Project Fi phones are now secure 24/7 with free Google VPN

Project Fi's enhanced network will also switch users to mobile data if their Wi-Fi connection is slow or unresponsive.
by Justin DuinoNovember 13, 2018

Google releases November security patch (Update: OG Pixels still in the works)

This update should fix any picture-in-picture and notification problems. But where is the patch for the OG Pixels?
by Justin DuinoNovember 13, 2018

All the Google Pixel 3 features coming to the Pixel 2

With the release of the Pixel 3, you might be wondering what new features will make their way back to your Pixel 2. We're here to help!
by Justin DuinoNovember 13, 2018

We asked, you told us: The OnePlus 6T was your favorite phone from #phonepocalypse

Despite the removal of the headphone jack, the OnePlus 6T beat out the Pixel 3/3XL, Huawei Mate 20/Pro, and others.
by Justin DuinoNovember 10, 2018

Google is reportedly planning to rebrand Nest

Could Nest's products one day be called the Home Cam, Home Thermostat, Home Doorbell, and so forth?
by Justin DuinoNovember 8, 2018

Samsung is making notched displays, but hopefully not for its phones

Just because Samsung makes notched displays doesn't mean it will use one on its next flagship.
by Justin DuinoNovember 7, 2018
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