Starting this holiday season, AT&T is giving you the chance to become the proud owner of one of the largest Android devices on the market: the Samsung Galaxy View. They’re even giving you two ways to pay: you can fork over $30 a month for 20 months, or you can pay $500 up front and use the device on a qualifying plan with a 2 year contract. The device’s retail value is $600.

The Samsung Galaxy View tablet is a well named device, since it’s (some say ‘needlessly’) gigantic screen allows you to view actual galaxies at full size. This is probably a mild hyperbole. Galaxies span hundreds of thousands of light years, but the Galaxy View spans virtually no light years at 18.4 inches.

Nevertheless, as far as tablets go, the Galaxy View is a monster in size. Samsung claims that the device stands to bridge the gap between your tablet and your television, but this may have been one of those gaps that didn’t need bridging. The jury is still out.

Clearly a niche product, the Galaxy View is a stream machine. AT&T advertises it as “the ultimate mobile video experience.” With a screen this large and vibrant, it truly is an immersive device worthy of couch-nestled binging. With the LTE capability, you can take your binging with you – at least in theory. Since the Galaxy View is so large, many owners may find it a bit too cumbersome to schlep about on the go. Calling it a mobile video experience may be a stretch.

Sound like a good deal to you? Or will you be passing? Let us know in the comments!

John Dye
I wrote my first word when I was very young. I enjoyed this so much I decided to write many more words.