Earlier this year, offering unlimited data became the big new trend from US wireless carriers who previously were turning away from those kinds of plans. Since then, some of those offers have been modified, mostly by adding new features that benefit the end user. Today, AT&T is making its cheaper Unlimited Choice plan more tempting: it’s throwing in access to over 60 TV channels that can be viewed from the company’s DirecTV Now online television service for the total price of $70 a month.

Normally, the DirecTV Now package that includes over 60 channels costs $35 a month on its own. This new bundle, with AT&T’s Unlimited Choice plan, offers customers a single line for $60 a month (after AutoPay and paperless bill discount) and then adds in the DirecTV Now channel bundle for just $10 more a month, after a $25 per month video credit. Keep in mind that Unlimited Choice customers only get up to 3 Mbps of data per second in terms of download speeds, and can only stream video in standard definition.

This promotion was previously just for AT&T customers who signed up for the more expensive Unlimited Plus plan, which costs $90 a month per line. Those customers can still get a $25 a month video credit to use on a DirecTV Now subscription. They can also access HBO Now for free, along with support for streaming high definition video.

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