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This week in Apple: iPhone 12 display woes, cloud gaming coming to iOS, more!

People are having some issues with iPhone 12 displays. The ol' green tint issue strikes again!

Published onNovember 20, 2020

iPhone 12 display
Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

This week in Apple news we heard a lot about the display woes users are facing with their iPhone 12 devices. The usual green glow we see on tons of OLED panels is present, but there are other issues afoot as well.

Apple iPhone 12 series

In other Apple news, we saw early benchmarks of the M1 chip, news about the rumored foldable Apple smartphone, confirmations that cloud gaming services are coming to iOS, and a resolution to the weird Peanuts controversy.

See the Apple news roundup below for all the latest.

The top Apple news stories of the past week:

  • Users complain of iPhone 12 display issues: Users around the world are not too happy with their iPhone 12 displays. According to reports, many people are seeing the old green tint issue present on many OLED panels. In a leaked internal memo, Apple appears to acknowledge the issue and concedes that future software patches will address the problems.
  • Cloud gaming services coming to iOS: Although Apple won’t allow cloud gaming services to run as they normally would in the Apple App Store, two major products will land on iPhones through the Safari web browser. Both Google Stadia and NVIDIA GeForce Now will land on iOS at some point in the near future. In regards to the latter service, that means Fortnite will be back on the iPhone for GeForce Now users.
  • Apple foldable phone in manufacturing testing, allegedly: According to Economic Daily News, Apple has reportedly sent a foldable smartphone product to China for testing purposes. If true, this would mean a foldable iPhone is far enough in the design cycle that Apple knows how it will work and how it will look. Allegedly, the device would be due in 2022.
  • Early M1 MacBook reviews show just how fast it is: Although benchmarks shouldn’t be the be-all-end-all to your buying decisions, the benchmarks floating around right now for the M1 chip are pretty impressive. One of them shows SSD speeds are literally twice as fast and that the ARM architecture emulating x86 architecture is still faster than the majority of current MacBooks.
  • Apple’s new fee reduction for developers isn’t without controversy: Recently, Apple announced that it will reduce the fee it collects from some app developers on the Apple App Store. Instead of a flat 30% cut of all transactions, Apple will only collect 15% from developers who pull in under $1 million each year on the platform. While this is a nice gesture, larger companies — most notably the ones suing and/or starting coalitions against Apple — see it as a placating move rather than a turn for the better.
  • iPhone 12 hearing aid issue will get fixed: Apple has acknowledged that there’s a software bug that reduces audio quality for hearing aids connected to phones in the iPhone 12 series. A fix is on the way.
  • Apple TV Plus won’t be the exclusive home of Peanuts specials: Following protests from Peanuts fans, Apple will allow the major Peanuts holiday specials to air on PBS. The films will still be on Apple TV Plus, but people who don’t subscribe to that service can watch the specials elsewhere. In 2020, this was one of the weirder controversies.

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Google Pixel 4a vs iPhone SE 2020 backs 1 1
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