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This week in Apple: Folding iPad, iPhone fingerprint sensor, Apple Card, more

Will there be a folding iPhone in 2021? Maybe, but rumors suggest a folding iPad will be first.

Published onAugust 9, 2019

Foldable iPad Concept Image

The big Apple news this week was…well, actually there wasn’t much big Apple news considering all eyes were on the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Even Apple-centric sites were doing hands-on reviews of Samsung’s latest flagship!

That being said, there was some Apple news related to rumors on foldable devices from the company, including a folding iPad. The Apple Card officially landed, the Apple Watch continues to sell like crazy, and Apple is handing out pre-jailbroken iPhone’s to “bug hunters.”

See the Apple news roundup below for all the latest!

The top Apple news stories of the past week:

  • There could be a folding iPhone and folding iPad in 2021: In a new note to investors, UBS says that Apple could launch a foldable iPad at some point in 2021. After that product lands, UBS says Apple will then launch a foldable iPhone. As of now, there’s little evidence to support this rumor, but UBS has been dead-on before.
  • 2021 iPhones could have in-display fingerprint sensors and Face ID: Ming-Chi Kuo — frequently correct Apple analyst — says that Apple isn’t giving up on Face ID but will eventually introduce in-display fingerprint sensors with 2021 iPhones. This would be a dramatic about-face for Apple, considering none of the iPhone X or XS models have any fingerprint sensor technology.
  • Apple really, really doesn’t want you to repair your own iPhone battery: According to iFixit, Apple’s latest crop of iPhones will issue you a warning if you replace the battery without official Apple help. An iPhone XS, XS Max, or XR with a self-replaced battery will now display a message saying the battery “needs servicing.”
  • The Apple Watch is trouncing the competition on every front: Apple shipped 5.7 million Apple Watch devices in Q2 2019, up from 3.8 million in the same quarter last year. That means the Apple Watch owns nearly half of the entire smartwatch market. Ouch.
  • The Apple Card is here for lucky people with an invite: If you’re lucky enough to get an invite for one, you can now get the Apple Card — the company’s first physical credit card. The card offers rewards for purchases from the Apple Store, the Apple App Store, and general transactions elsewhere.
  • Researchers can now get official “pre-jailbroken” iPhones: If you’re the kind of person who likes tinkering with phones, it’s now possible to get a jailbroken iPhone directly from Apple so you can test things out. On a related note, there will also soon be a macOS “bug bounty” program to encourage developers to find flaws in the operating system.
  • OpenSignal says Samsung phones get faster data speeds than iPhones: According to OpenSignal, the average LTE data speeds for iPhones in the United States are significantly slower than LTE speeds on Samsung devices — to the tune of around an 8.2Mbps difference. That’s pretty interesting, eh?

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