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This week in Apple: A 4G-only iPhone 12 in 2021 possible, Apple sues some firms

A new rumor suggests there could be a 4G-only iPhone 12 in the works, although it might be a bit late to the party.

Published onAugust 14, 2020

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Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

This week in Apple news we heard a rumor that a 4G-only iPhone 12 might be a little late to the party. The rumor suggests that Apple could push out a version of the iPhone 12 without super-fast 5G support. Obviously, this phone would be cheaper than its 5G-powered counterparts.

In other Apple news, we saw Apple get into various bits of litigation with other companies, some crazy Fortnite drama, insanely-high iPhone shipment numbers, and news about the rumored Apple One subscription service.

See the Apple news roundup below for all the latest.

The top Apple news stories of the past week:

  • A 4G-only iPhone 12 might be in the works: According to a report from Business Insider, there might be an iPhone 12 model coming with no 5G support. Expected to land in 2021, the iPhone 12 variant would be cheaper than the 5G-powered iPhone 12 models but more expensive than the iPhone SE (and the iPhone SE 2 we expect to see in 2021).
  • Somehow, Apple set a new iPhone shipment record: If you haven’t noticed, there’s a bit of a pandemic going on around the world and the US is not handling it so well. One would think that iPhone shipments in the US would be down because of this. However, not only are they not down but they are way up, so high that Apple set itself a new record. It shipped 15 million iPhones in the US in Q2 2020, more than ever before. You can bet your bottom dollar a large chunk of those shipments were iPhone SE devices.
  • Fortnite drama starts as Apple kicks it off the App Store: Over the past two days, Fortnite has been all over the news as creator Epic Games got into some beef with Apple (and, eventually, Google). Epic purposely broke the App Store and Play Store rules and then got kicked off each store within hours. Epic then sued both companies, proving that it was all an elaborate ruse to prove a point. Read more about it here.
  • Google Maps is back on the Apple Watch: After a three-year absence, Apple Watch users will finally be able to use Google Maps again. In the coming weeks, the app will appear on Apple Watches, allowing for driving, walking, biking, and public transportation directions.
  • All-in-one subscription service from Apple allegedly on the way: According to some rumors, Apple could be planning to launch something called Apple One. The service will bundle many of its services under one subscription price. This will likely include Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, Apple Arcade, Apple News Plus, and high-tier iCloud storage. It also could include a new fitness subscription, which Apple has not rolled out yet.
  • Apple counter-sues Koss over headphone dispute: Recently, headphone creator Koss sued Apple, alleging the Cupertino company used some of its patented tech in Beats and AirPods headphones. However, Apple is now counter-suing Koss, saying that it actually met with Koss to use the patents in question but then decided against it. What’s more, Apple is alleging that Koss violated an NDA (that Koss demanded!) so the suit should be thrown out. Juicy drama.
  • Company with pear logo sued by Apple: Speaking of Apple suing other companies, a Canadian firm with a pear logo is under fire from Apple for design similarities. The company — Prepear, which gives tips on recipes and meal-planning — is going to try to fight Apple on it. You can see both logos here.
  • Martin Scorcese working with Apple to create exclusive content: Legendary filmmaker Martin Scorcese has reached a deal with Apple to produce films for its Apple TV Plus service. The first film will be called “Killers of the Flower Moon” and star Scorcese mainstays Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert DeNiro (I mean really, who else would it star?).

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