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Google has just taken to its product forums to announce that Android Wear 5.1.1 is just now beginning to roll out to all Android Wear devices. We’ve already seen the 5.1.1 update on the LG Watch Urbane, but up until now, the only other watch that’s received the update is the Asus ZenWatch.

Announced about a month ago, Android Wear 5.1.1 brings a slew of new handy features to the wearable platform, such as the ability to set always-on applications, new gestures for scrolling through Google Now cards, and a much more refined contacts/app menu. One of the more exciting features present in this update is Wi-Fi support, allowing your Android Wear device to receive notifications, as long as your watch and your phone are both connected to a Wi-Fi network. Google says that Wi-Fi support will only be available on the Motorola Moto 360, Sony Smartwatch 3 and Samsung Gear Live.

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The update will be rolling out over the next few days and weeks, so it may be a little while before it makes its way to your device. Have you received Android Wear 5.1.1 yet? If so, let us know how you like it!