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Android TV 14 expected release date and features we want to see

Here's everything we know about Android TV 14.

Published onMay 17, 2024

Chromecast with Google TV HD next to remote 3
Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Android 14 officially arrived on October 4th to select Pixel devices but what about Android TV 14? While Android TV 13 never surfaced, Google has confirmed its plans for Android TV 14, though it hasn’t started rolling out just yet.

Let’s jump in and discuss everything we know about the upcoming Android TV 14 release date, features, and more.

Android TV 14: At a glance

  • When is it coming out? Android TV 14 will start rolling out later this year to new devices and as an upgrade.
  • What's new? Android TV 14 brings new energy modes, picture-in-picture mode, Gemini features, and a few other changes.

What is the most likely Android TV 14 release date?

  • Android TV 12 — November 30, 2021
  • Android TV 11 — September 22, 2020
  • Android TV 10 — December 10, 2019

Android 14 was officially released in October but Android TV 14 wasn’t formally announced until mid-May. Unfortunately, there’s no clear release date for the Android TV 14 stable build just yet but Google says the update will come to some existing devices and new hardware this year.

Is there an Android TV 14 beta?

The Android TV 14 stable release date might be unclear, but the Android TV 14 beta is already available. The catch is that it can currently only be installed using the Android Studio emulator. In fact, it is really only designed with developers in mind and isn’t recommended for average users. Furthermore, we don’t expect it to be available on physical hardware until after the official release.

Android TV 14 features

Android TV 14 might not be a massive update but it’s probably one of the more significant changes to the OS to roll out in a long time. The updated platform introduces plenty of performance tweaks to make the OS more responsive on devices with lower amounts of RAM, a new picture-in-picture mode the usual bug fixes you’d expect, and a few small accessibility changes. There’s now a color correction option, enhanced text options, and improved accessibility navigation. There are also new energy modes: Low Energy Mode, Optimized Energy Mode, and Increased Energy Mode.

Here are a few other features we know about:

Android TV now has a Magic Button

The magic button is a shortcut you can customize to whatever app or service you wish. It’s a handy way to save your favorite streaming service for quick access. Right now it’s only available with the Onn 4K Pro, though rumors claim the next Chromecast will also see the feature.

Android TV might get call notifications this time around

The beta has a new Call Notifications feature for Android 14 and Android 14 with Google TV devices. Simply put, you’ll be able to receive call notifications right from your TV as long as you have a compatible device.

What’s less clear is if this is just a notification or if you’ll be able to fully take a call right from the big screen. Either way, this is a pretty exciting feature. Hopefully, there’s also the ability to receive messages, too. Worried about your calls showing up when someone else is watching? The good news is the calls are tied specifically to your profile.

Android TV 14 is getting some new accessibility features

android tv 14 accessiblity 2
Mishaal Rahman

While we already mentioned this briefly above, that’s not the full list of accessibility changes. There are a number of new accessibility features heading over to Android TV 14. Google is adding a new shortcut for text scaling, a bold text setting that makes it easier to read, and a new color-correct setting for those with color blindness. There’s also a new feature called Audio Descriptions, which will read what’s happening on the screen but only for supported movies and shows.

Lastly, the accessibility menu is much more prominent now. You’ll find it as a top-level sub-menu in the Settings instead of buried deep in the System sub-menu.

Android TV will have a few small performance upgrades

performance android tv 14
Mishaal Rahman

Android TV 14 is set to introduce some small performance tweaks, such as the ability to covert HDR formats or keep the standard dynamic range. Don’t want to specify how it handles this? The System Preferred setting will pick the right choice for you.

While not directly related to performance, there are even new energy efficiency settings: Low, Moderate, High, and Unrestricted. Using low turns off the network connection when you’re not using the TV. Moderate leaves on just enough features to wake your TV via Wi-Fi. Of course, high leaves on almost everything. As you might guess, unrestricted keeps all network features running constantly. Keep in mind these new features will only work with supported hardware. Maybe we will see it on the rumored new Chromecast with Google TV? Hard to say, but it would make sense for Google to showcase this feature on its own hardware.

Android TV 14 expected compatibility

Amlogic S905X4 Developer Box
Mishaal Rahman / Android Authority

For now, we can’t say what Android TV 14 compatibility will be like with any certainty. After all Android TV 13 never arrived on a single device outside of the ADT developer hardware. Interestingly, it looks like the upcoming ADT-4 developer box won’t even be available to developers outside of Google and its direct partners.

It seems certain that the Chromecast with Google TV series will eventually see the update, especially since it skipped Android TV 13 altogether. Any new Android TV hardware may also ship with it as well, such as the rumored Chromecast with Google TV. Just don’t expect it to roll out to every Android TV box or TV set, even newer models. Typically, Android TV devices focus more on security patches and fixes over full OS software updates. After all, there’s only so much to add to the platform and as you see in the Android TV 14 features list above, the updates tend to be fairly minor.

Android TV 14: Features we want to see

While we don’t know much about Android TV 14, there are at least a few things we’d like to see come to the platform eventually.

Improve the Continue Watching feature

Google Chromecast with Google TV for you tab
David Imel / Android Authority

I really love the Android with Google TV interface, particularly the Continue Watching feature. Simply put, it lets you resume shows no matter what streaming service they come from. While I prefer it over the Fire TV equivalent, it can be pretty finicky. I’ll get ready to resume a show I was just watching, only for it to fall off the list for no reason. There will even sometimes be random shows I haven’t watched forever that are sitting there indefinitely.

A more robust streaming history would be very welcome. Imagine if you could click a “more details” button and look back at what you watched with the date last watched. It would be great to see features like how much time spent and other details on your viewing habits. As someone who watches a lot of shows and then forgets about them forever… this would be amazing.

An integrated VPN would be amazing as a Chromecast with Google TV exclusive

Google Pixel Feature Drop VPN by Google One

VPN by Google One already comes built-in with your Pixel devices, but what if it also was supported by Google TV devices or even just the Chromecast series? A VPN can be very helpful for watching geo-restricted content. For example, I’ve used it to watch Bluey episodes straight from ABC (Australia Broadcasting Company), though I live stateside.

As much as I’d like to see this, it’s probably not likely but it sure would be awesome.

An expanded gaming experience

xbox game pass 1

Yes, there are Android TV games on Google Play, but the selection is pretty limited, to say the least. Running games on the Chromecast with Google TV can also be pretty frustrating. Not only does it have relatively weak specs but there’s also limited storage space. The easiest way around this would be better streaming video service support. Previously, Google had Stadia, but official support for Xbox Game Pass or NVIDIA GeForce Now would be a welcome addition.

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