Android Q screenshots now feature notches

If you hate notches, it probably doesn’t bother you that screenshots leave out the notch. I mean, why would a screenshot even include it? After all, cutouts and notches are actually hardware changes and so it makes sense that software wouldn’t account for their existence. Well, apparently Google felt this needed to change in Android Q.

That’s right, notches and screen corners now appear in Android Q screenshots. We’re still exploring settings to see if this is something you can disable. It’s also unclear if this is a Pixel-only change for Android Q or if it will affect all devices.

Of course there are often little changes like this that don’t make it into later versions of Android Beta. For those with an older Pixel that is notch-less, screenshots remain the same as always. Whether it’s possible to add fake notches into screenshots is something else we’ll be exploring. Stay tuned.