Google Assistant Functions 2

Thanks to the magic of AndroidN-ify, Xposed and one Max Rumpf, it’s now possible to use Google Assistant with Android Marshmallow devices.

Google Assistant was unveiled alongside Google Allo earlier in the year and it takes the Google Now technology to the next level, with a ‘conversational’ interface allowing for multiple follow-up questions and a deeper level of interactivity. It’s available now on the Google Pixel but, disappointingly, Google recently confirmed that it would be exclusive to Pixel devices, at least for the time being. 

That was until Mr Rumpf started messing with the Google app code. After making some changes and implementing it into the AndroidN-ify Xposed module, Google Assistant is now fully functional on Android Marshmallow devices, albeit with a few bugs.

Xposed is a tool for root users which allows them to customize the system and UI. The framework allows different modules to be installed to change the Android experience, modules like AndroidN-ify, which is being developed to bring Android Nougat features to Lollipop and Marshmallow.

Xposed is powerful but user-friendly. However, it does require a custom recovery and a rooted phone, which is still a barrier for many users. If you do want to give this a try, head to the AndroidN-ify GitHub page

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