HTC 10 One M9 One A9 Android 7.0 Nougat update

HTC wants to let you know it is still planning to update the HTC 10, HTC One M9 and HTC One A9 to Android 7.0 Nougat. Now that it’s officially called that. HTC sent the same tweet a month ago, back when the next version of Android was still known as Android N. Everything is the same, except there’s a few more letters after ‘N’ in the attached image.

Google confirms Nougat is Android 7.0 in statue unveiling video

The same fine print applies, meaning there’s no official timeline, but you can check out our Android 7.0 update page to get a feel for when HTC might roll it out based on past efforts. The fine print also mentions that additional devices might get put on the update list in future, but HTC is wisely not making any promises it can’t keep. You know, like 90 day update turnarounds.

HTC’s delivery of Android Nougat for its current top-shelf devices will largely depend on when Google seeds the Release Candidate of Android N to its manufacturer partners. Android 7.0 Nougat has been confirmed for a Q3 release though, so it should be in Nexus owners hands by the end of September and with OEMs before that.

HTC is often one of the fastest manufacturers to release updates to its existing devices (at least the high-end ones) and there’s no reason this won’t continue so it’s likely that HTC 10, One A9 and One M9 users will get the update before the end of the year.

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