Google still hasn’t come up with an official name for Android N. Well, at least not publicly.

With the arrival of the fourth Android N Developer Preview earlier today, we thought we might get a early look at what Google plans on calling the next major version of Android. We were wrong.

If you’re already running the latest Dev Preview on your device, head on over to Settings>About phone and start tapping on Android version. In previous Android N builds, a big letter ‘N’ would show up. It looks like this. That letter ‘N’ is still there, but this time Google decided to throw in a small quip that got us laughing. After long pressing on the ‘N’, you’ll see a name pop up: Namey McNameface.

Namey McNameface is a callback to the name referenced at Google I/O 2016, and of course a reference to the popular ship Boaty McBoatface.

Good job, Google.