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Unfortunately it seems that no corner of the internet can continue unaffected by coronavirus: even Android development. On March 3rd, Google announced that it would be cancelling Google I/O’s in-person events, switching instead to an online-only format.  This is when the company normally announces the biggest new developments for the Android platform and many of its major apps. Not long after, the tech giant gave in and completely closed down the conference.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. The techies at Google have been busy-little-bees lately. Not only have they continued working away at Android 11, but they’ve also given us a newer version of Android Studio and a new set of tools for embedded development. You can get the full scoop below.

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  • Android 11: Developer Preview 2 – Google drops the second developer preview for Android 11. Notable features include a 5G state API, and a way to detect the precise hinge angle on foldable devices.
  • Run ARM apps on the Android Emulator – Google’s new Android 11 system images come with a cool feature: they can run ARM binaries with significantly boosted performance. This should lead to more rapid testing (and therefore development) for those applications relying on ARM libraries.
  • Google for Games Developer Summit March 2020 – Though GDC was cancelled, Google was still about to share what it had to say through the blog. The presentation includes numerous useful announcements for game developers, including support from CRYENGINE, and a useful Visual Studio extension for cross-platform development.
  • Unveiling expert insights in our new podcast series: Apps, Games, & Insights – Google has launched a new podcast series that will share discussion from industry experts surrounding mobile apps, games, and the mobile industry.

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