Android is no longer just an operating system you choose to get on your smartphone or tablet. The industry is evolving and welcoming new platforms, form factors and applications. You can now even opt to get Android Auto with your car!

Android Auto is relatively new, so we know you will need some help trying to figure out which apps you should get for those long commutes and road trips. One of our favorites happens to be TuneIn Radio, so let’s show you what it’s all about!

What is TuneIn Radio all about?

The idea is very simple. TuneIn Radio harnesses the power of broadcast radio stations and web podcasts. Yes, you can listen to actual radio stations through the internet. The app goes as far as offering international stations, so some of us may even feel a little closer to home while driving around town listening to TuneIn Radio.

As it goes with any other Android Auto-supported app, you can control TuneIn via voice commands and never really take your eyes off the road. It’s still not the best option for those trying to discover new stations and podcasts, but you could pull your car over for that (hopefully you will!). Voice commands are pretty much for those who know exactly what they want to listen to.

How do I get TuneIn Radio?

Interested? You can get yourself signed up by downloading the TuneIn Radio app from the Google Play Store. By the way, there is no need to download any special apps for Android Auto. All the vehicle-focused functionality is built into the smartphone app, as it should be.

Oh, and it’s also available for all kinds of devices and platforms, so it’s not really only for Android Auto users. We can all take advantage of this awesome app.

Parrot RNB6 Android Auto head unit

Wrapping up!

We are expecting Android Auto to boom and reach many vehicles in the coming years, so expect us to cover more applications and services like this one. I personally use TuneIn radio all the time, so I can’t wait to enjoy it with Android Auto. Hopefully I can afford a new vehicle soon!

If you are lucky enough to have an Android Auto-equipped vehicle, though, do give TuneIn Radio and tell us what you think about it in the comments below! By the way, you can learn more about Android Auto by checking out our review on the 2015 Hyundai Sonata.