Xiaomi's latest high-end offering, the Mi Note.

It’s been a very interesting week in the world of Android, with everything from juicy rumors, to product announcements, to billion-dollar acquisition talk. After a break for the holidays, Google has issued major updates to some of its apps; Xiaomi introduced its “epic” Mi Note and Mi Note Pro phablets; Project Ara was in the spotlight, while Glass was sent back to the drawing board; Samsung officially unveiled the Galaxy A7, while rumors swirled around the Galaxy S6 and a potential acquisition of BlackBerry; we heard some worrying reports about Sony; HTC revealed that the next One is coming March first; and, finally, Lollipop 5.0.2 hit several new devices.

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Video roundup

Here’s Jayce’s video take on the events of the week.

Inside AA HQ

This week we all recovered from the grueling CES, and, for some of the guys who attended the show in Vegas, from the dreaded “CES flu.” But the tech world knows no break, and no sympathy for the travails of tech bloggers. And, you know what, we love it that way!

One of the events that got us talking this week was the launch of the Mi Note Pro, and since we got some questions about it… yes, we will absolutely review it as soon as possible.

With CES still in our rear mirror, we’re thinking of the mother of all mobile events, MWC. This year, the Barcelona show is taking place a bit later than usual, in the first week of March, and HTC has already reserved the Sunday before the grand opening for the launch of its next One flagship. Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Sony’s Xperia Z4 are also likely to show up, making for a very exciting show. Six weeks to go!

Following our pilot last week, we aired the first episode of our Friday Debate podcast. Bear with us as we go through the inevitable teething pains, and feel free to tune in every week to the written companion of the podcast, the Friday Debate post.


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