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5 Android apps you shouldn't miss this week - Android Apps Weekly

It's nice to see smart home stuff get better.

Published onOctober 15, 2022

best new android apps Steam screenshot 2022

Welcome to the 454th edition of Android Apps Weekly. Here are the big headlines from the last week:

  • Google has officially committed to yearly updates for Wear OS. This is kind of a big deal, especially for app developers looking for more consistent support from Google. This could wind up being a big deal down the line, but it starts with the commitments.
  • Google is rolling out Passkeys to Google Chrome. Google touts this as the next big thing for account security. It uses your Android phone to log into websites instead of using a password. It’s only available on the latest Google Play Services beta and Chrome Canary, but we expect a larger rollout soon. Hit the link to learn more about Passkeys.
  • YouTube is opening up account handles to all YouTube users in the near future. YouTube hopes that these changes increase reach and visibility. Originally, you needed a specific number of subscribers. Now, that limit is being removed. Hit the link to learn the finer details. You can also click here to find out how to claim yours.
  • The Pixel 7 series phones are getting a built-in VPN from Google. VPN by Google One offers VPN service for free to Pixel owners. The marketing here is quite clear. Google wants to give Pixel 7 owners secure and encrypted access to the Internet. Our readership is split as to whether or not they trust Google, but free VPN service isn’t a bad deal.
  • Samsung and Google are using Matter to simplify syncing SmartThings and Google Home. This is a pretty big deal as it matches SmartThings and Google Home’s platforms with universal platform features via Matter. You’ll have to hit the link to learn more, but smart home got a bit smarter with this announcement.


Price: $4.99

Railbound is a puzzle game where you connect railways. The game has you constructing railroads so you can connect the cars to the engine. Doing so allows you to progress to the next level. The game includes 150 levels, each with its own challenges. The game does get pretty challenging later on, so puzzle fans have something to look forward to. It’s a premium game, and that means you pay upfront. However, no additional ads or in-app purchases will mess up the experience.

Truth Social

Price: Free

Truth Social screenshot 2022

Donald Trump’s new social network officially launched on Google Play this week. The app was available previously as a third-party download but became available after it promised Google it would moderate posts inciting harm. It looks, feels, and behaves a lot like Twitter. The app works okay in terms of functionality, and most of the functions seem to work okay. As for the quality of the content within the app, let’s just say it’s pretty much what you expect. This isn’t something we recommend to anybody, but it is a new app.

T3 Arena

Price: Free to play

T3 Arena is a multiplayer, third-person shooter. Players drop into online matches and go at it with various characters, abilities, and playstyles. You unlock heroes as you play, and there are a few different game modes to deal with. The gameplay is chaotic, thanks to the various abilities you have access to. It’s a fun little arcade shooter, but it’s also in a crowded and growing genre on mobile. It’s not bad, and it has a lot of potential.


Price: Free

Steam screenshot 2022

Steam officially launched its re-released app this week. It doesn’t completely overhaul the experience of the previous app, but it does improve a number of the app’s features. For example, you can see your entire game library, browse the store for new games, a QR code login method, and a revamped UI that looks a lot cleaner than the outgoing one. We think this is a lot better than the previous app.

Homeworld Mobile

Price: Free to play

Homeworld Mobile is an RTS game. You build up your fleet, conquer enemies, and enjoy the game world’s massive amount of lore. It boasts an MMO experience because you engage with many other players almost all the time. What draws players in are the 3D space battles that take place in real-time. It’s certainly one of the more interesting games we’ve seen in a while, even if it gets a little grindy as most free-to-play games do.

If we missed any big Android app or game news, tell us about it in the comments.
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