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OnePlus and Cyanogen broke their ties almost a year ago, but like divorced parents, they still have a little baby to take care of. Yes, I am definitely talking about the OnePlus One. If you are still rocking the legacy flagship killer, today is a good day to check for updates.

The Chinese startup has announced the OnePlus One is now getting its update to Cyanogen OS 13, which happens to be based off Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The announcement from OnePlus mentions the update would start rolling out today, which means some of you may already have it.

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Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t grow impatient if you don’t see your update show up now. Not everyone will get the update right away, as it will roll out in stages.

Cyanogen OS 13 brings forth all the improvements you can expect from an Android Marshmallow update. Of course, you will get features like Doze mode, granular permissions, Google Now on Tap and much more.

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Your notification should show up in due time… but we know very few of you have that much patience, so you can go ahead and check for updates in the settings. And don’t forget to hit the comments section to let us know how the update is treating you!

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