Reverse wireless charging has always been a weird feature. Ever since we first saw it in the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, it was clear that, while convenient, you usually lost way more power than you transferred to the other phone. But when Samsung first launched the Galaxy Buds with the Samsung Galaxy S10 series, it became clear to me that this feature was way more useful for accessories, which tend to have much smaller batteries.

Samsung Galaxy Buds versus Apple's new AirPods (2019) top-down hero image.
Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Apple AirPods (2019)

In the Android 11 Developer Preview, we’ve got a hint that the Pixel 5 might also end up supporting the feature. In the settings, there’s a menu for a feature called Battery Share. The feature warns that your phone’s battery will discharge faster when using it, and that it works with supported earbuds, watches, phones and more.

Android 11 Battery share menu

If you were really reaching, one could infer that this means the feature will work with the upcoming Pixel Buds 2. If you reached even further, you might determine that this means Google might finally launch a Pixel watch this year. But we won’t get our hopes up.

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A 'mid-range' Pixel 5 actually makes total sense

Do you use reverse wireless charging? What do you think of the feature, and would you like to see it on the Pixel 5? Let us know!