You no longer have to go through several hoops to download Prime Video on your device – simply head on over to the Google Play Store.

If you are a paying Amazon Prime customer and have previously tried to watch Prime eligible videos on your Android device, you probably know how frustrating it can be: the Prime Video app was only available through Amazon’s Underground app, which added a bunch of unnecessary Amazon apps and services. For some odd reason, Amazon made its video streaming app available in the Play Store in over 200 markets around the world, but the US was excluded from that list. Until now, that is.

No more hassle in sideloading APKs or wasting storage on unsolicited Amazon bloatware.

For those of you in the US who frequently use Prime Video on an Android device, you’d be happy to hear that the video streaming app is finally available for download directly from the Play Store. That way, there is no more hassle in sideloading APKs or wasting storage on unsolicited Amazon bloatware; Prime Video will receive updates in the same place as all your other apps now.

Unfortunately, however, the app still does not include Chromecast support, meaning that you won’t be able to cast what you’re watching onto your TV screen unless you’re logged in to Amazon Prime on your computer. In order to cast from your mobile app, you will need to buy a Fire TV, Nvidia Shield TV, or Roku box. Here’s hoping that Amazon will add that feature in the near future.

You can download the Prime Video app from the Play Store by clicking the button below, but of course, you’ll need to be a paying Prime member in order to be able to access Amazon’s video streaming service:

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