• You can now ask Alexa to perform tasks on any Android or iOS device without tapping a button first.
  • This only applies while the app is open.
  • It should reach users within the next several days.

You no longer need to tap a button (or buy a Fire tablet) to ask Amazon Alexa for help on your mobile devices, as hands-free voice commands are rolling out now to the Alexa apps for Android and iOS.

As with other hands-free Alexa devices, you just have to speak the keyword (“Alexa” by default) when you want to check the weather, play music, or control your smart home. However, you do need the app open — Alexa won’t be waiting for your instructions in the background like it does with Amazon’s tablets. It’s more convenient, then, but it won’t replace a smart speaker.

The feature will take several days to roll out worldwide, and you can always disable it if you’re worried the app might pick up a command by accident. While this won’t be as powerful as built-in voice helpers like Google Assistant and Siri, it could make life easier if your household revolves around Amazon’s ecosystem.

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