One of the first Huawei devices in the United States is now available through Best Buy.

Best Buy will carry the Honor 5X from June 19 across 590 brick and mortar stores and on its online website.

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The selling price is as enticing as we’d expect from Huawei’s budget line: $199 gets you a choice of gray, silver, and gold and features we typically see on more expensive phones. Highlights include the fingerprint reader, a metallic construction, a nice 5.5-inch Full HD screen, a Snapdragon 616 processor, and a 13MP camera. While Huawei’s reputation for Android updates is rather poor, the Honor line is faring better. A Marshmallow update for the Honor 5X is coming “soon,” according to company reps. Check out our full review.

We’ve seen the Honor 5X go for as little as $160 on Amazon, but that was a limited time deal. And for $200, you still get a hell of a phone.

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