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How to add subtitles to your YouTube videos

Make your videos easier to understand with captions!

Published onJanuary 23, 2023

One of YouTube’s greatest strengths is its incorporation of auto-generated captions and translations. For many, this means they can watch videos in other languages and still understand them. As a content creator, however, you must enable those captions for your viewers. If you don’t do so, the subtitles that appear may be faulty — or they won’t appear at all. Let’s go over how to add subtitles to your YouTube videos.

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To add subtitles to your video, go to YouTube Studio > Subtitles > [your video]. Click ADD under Subtitles, then choose Upload fileAuto-sync, or Type manually. Add your video subtitles, then click PUBLISH.


How to add subtitles on YouTube videos

On your computer, visit YouTube in a browser. Log into your account, then click your profile picture in the top right to open the menu.

visit your profile picture
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

From the subsequent dropdown menu, click YouTube Studio.

go to youtube studio
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Within YouTube Studio, scroll down the menu on the left and click the Subtitles tab.

click the subtitles tab from the lefthand menu
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

From the list of available content, click the video you want to add subtitles to.

click on the video youd like to edit the subtitles for
Curtis Joe / Android Authority


You must select a video language before you can add subtitles to your video.

Under the Subtitles column, click ADD.

add subtitles button
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

This is how you add or edit subtitles on your YouTube video. You will notice four different ways to add captions: Upload fileAuto-syncType manually, and Auto-translate. Let’s go over each method.

all of the different subtitle options
Curtis Joe / Android Authority


If you click the Upload file button, you can upload subtitles to your video as files from your computer.

upload file
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Under Select subtitle file type, choose either With timing or Without timing. After that, when you click CONTINUE, you must locate the subtitle file from your computer.

You can upload subtitles to YouTube in the following file types:

  • .txt
  • .srt
  • .sbv or .sub
  • .mpsub
  • .lrc
  • .cap
  • .smi or .sami
  • .rt
  • .vtt
  • .ttml or .dfxp
  • .scc
  • .stl
  • .tds
  • .cin
  • .asc
uploading subtitles 1
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Click on the file you want to upload to add it to your video.

uploading subtitles 2
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

You can edit the timing on your text file to mirror the video. When finished, click PUBLISH.

publish new uploaded subtitles
Curtis Joe / Android Authority


The Auto-sync option allows you to enter subtitles and captions while watching the video. The video playback area appears on the righthand side.

Alternatively, you can upload a transcript, which will automatically sync to your video. The transcript must be in the same language that is being spoken in the video.

Click Auto-sync.

autosync button
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Enter the subtitles for your video and edit the timings so they all line up. This means that the timestamps’ beginning and end encompass everything typed out (or uploaded) in the subtitles you’ve added.

publish auto sync
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

When ready, click PUBLISH. When you watch the video, the words should automatically sync with what is said.


type manually button
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Set the timings for your subtitles, then manually type in all of the subtitles as you want them to appear. Click PUBLISH when ready.

manual captions
Curtis Joe / Android Authority


Auto-translate is not available for captions that have been automatically generated on YouTube. You must use one of the above options (Upload fileAuto-sync, or Type manually) to set your subtitles; then you will be able to enable Auto-translate.

auto translate prerequisites
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Publish a set of subtitles for the video in its original language. After that, click ADD LANGUAGE and add a different language you’d like subtitles for.

after published in og language
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

In that new language, the Auto-translate button may now be clickable. Select it.

auto translate button
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Make sure the translation is correct, then click PUBLISH.

publish auto translate
Curtis Joe / Android Authority
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