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ActionDash 5.0 adds a feature made just for Instagram addicts

ActionDash 5.0 comes out today, adding a feature to help you manage your Instagram addiction.

Published onSeptember 17, 2019

Action Dash 5.0 Update

Today, Digital Wellbeing alternative ActionDash is receiving its latest update. ActionDash 5.0 brings a slew of new features, including something to help you manage your Instagram addiction.

Fresh Start

Fresh Start is ActionDash’s answer to users getting trapped in mindless social media scrolling. It’s a simple but clever new feature that keeps users from getting distracted by Instagram or similar time-wasting apps when they unlock their phone.

In Android, your device picks up where it left off after you unlock it. Using Fresh Start, ActionDash 5.0 will send the user back to the launcher once the device is unlocked instead. This keeps users from accidentally scrolling through their last opened app for several minutes when all they wanted to do was check the weather or send a quick text.

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You can configure the lock duration to initiate Fresh Start, and it works with whatever launcher the user has set as the default. That means Action Dash 5.0 doesn’t force you to use Action Launcher, the developer’s flagship app, to utilize this functionality.

Focus Mode enhancements

ActionDash 5.0 also builds on the app’s existing Focus Mode Schedules. Apps can now be blocked for an entire day, and the user can create groups of apps for easier scheduling. That means users can block all of their work-related apps on weekends or vacation, and social media apps can be blocked during work hours all in one fell swoop.

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Focus Mode also lets the user block Google Discover when it is enabled in Action Launcher. That means no more swiping over to quickly check the news only to realize 10 minutes later that you have something else you really need to be doing.

Other ActionDash 5.0 updates

ActionDash 5.0 also lets the user change the week start day, set custom languages independent of the device’s language, and overall tweaks performance here and there. The update should be rolling out soon, but you can grab the ActionDash app from the Google Play Store right now.

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