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A note on the Pixel 3 review

A note from the Executive Editor regarding Android Authority's Google Pixel 3 review.
October 15, 2018

We here at Android Authority take our reviews very seriously. Sometimes, due to short embargo times, multiple device launches (hello #phonepocalypse) or the demands of travel, we can’t always get reviews out on time. In this instance though, regarding the Google Pixel 3 review, we’re holding off simply because we need more time with the devices.

While we could rush things to be out in the first wave, we want to make sure we spend a full week with the phone before we share our thoughts on it. With every review, we want to ensure what we’re saying comes from a position of experience and authority and sometimes that takes a little extra time to achieve. So we hope you’ll bear with us on the full review as we get our thoughts in order.