Rumor: Youtube may soon offer its own subscription music service

by: Andrew GrushOctober 24, 2013


Google already is enjoying quite a bit of success with its Google Play Music All Access service, but now a new rumor claims Google will be bringing a similar subscription service over to Youtube by the end of the year.

According to sources speaking to Billboard, the new service is supposedly a lot like Spotify but with the twist of including music videos into the mix. That means you’ll be able to listen to music (and watch vids) for free with ads, or pay extra for an ad-free experience. In contrast to Spotify, the Youtube service will supposedly allow the free service to work both on PCs and mobile.

Aside from a lack of ads, the premium version is said to bring offline music listening and a few other special features. It is also expected to feature a price tag of around $10 a month.

The new service is supposedly a lot like Spotify but with the twist of including music videos into the mix.

We have to wonder though, do we even want or need this? For starters, it’s hard to imagine how Google would differentiate this from All Access.

The only thing we could think of is that Youtube might focus less on regular music and more of its efforts on creating a massive library of every music video out there (which Youtube already comes close to doing as it is).

In short, we doubt there would be much added value here for existing All Access fans, but maybe that’s the point. Google’s goal could be to attract Youtube addicts and folks that aren’t so closely tied to the Android ecosystem. Adding such a service to Youtube would also require little work on Google’s part, as the Mountain View giant already has secured all the necessary licenses and negotiations thanks to All Access.

Do we have any real evidence that Google and Youtube are planning such a service? Youtube and Google are keeping close-lipped, but their actions seem to hint that something might be afoot.

Recently we learned that not only will Youtube soon feature offline video download capabilities, it will also be able to eventually stream audio in the background. These are both features that would be useful for the Youtube Music service. This is far from definitive proof, but it certainly helps lend a little extra credence to the rumor.

What do you think, is a Youtube music/video subscription service necessary or should Google just stick to All Access and leave this one alone?

  • adam evans

    Smart move, you tube is a much better brand than Google play all access, should get some more customers on to a really great service. I hope I get it on my all access subscription

  • fredphoesh

    Sounds like the rumour is inaccurate as it would be daft for YouTube to be in competition with All access… perhaps it’s an addon to All-Access. That would make more sense.

  • yolo

    Would be a dumb idea