Youtube app now streams Google Play Movies and TV shows

by: Robert TriggsJuly 1, 2014

youtube-logoYou may have noticed a little change in the Android Youtube app very recently, as Google has just updated its back end to integrate your Google Play movie and TV purchases into the Youtube app, bringing the service in line with the desktop feature.

You will now be able to find all of your movie and TV purchases under the new Purchases section in the Youtube menu, right under the Watch Later option. The movies and shows are arranged based on the order that you purchased them, rather than alphabetical order, with the newest ones appearing near the top. Unfortunately, this list can’t yet be categorised or sorted, which could be a pain if you have a large catalogue.

No app updates are necessary to start watching as the change has been made on Google’s side of things, so the feature has been automatically added to your Android smartphone and tablets.

  • x4zta9q4AEsJ5gP

    Maybe this is new on Android, but the YouTube app has been able to do this for well over a year now on iOS

  • vosg

    I’d rather see them fix their bugs.

  • 147

    doesn’t work on android 4.2.2. might want to mention that in the article next time

    • Lasse Øksbro

      Google movie and tv app :)

  • Airshod

    Just watched my free copy of gravity, streaming from my S4 to ps3 via YouTube app. Worked pretty well, thanks.

  • Jamie Smith

    Thank you so much! This was extremely helpful as I was getting really frustrated trying to figure out how to play my google play movies through my sony device to my television. You made my day!

    • Lasse Øksbro

      Google movie and tv app :)