In the light of the latest, more powerful, and heavyweight releases of Xperia phones, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 would look like it has been overshadowed.  One would think that the Xperia X10 would never see the day when Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich would bless its internals.

The truth, however, is that such a day has come.  Thanks to a modified version of MIUI 4, Ice Cream Sandwich is just a flash away from the Xperia X10.  The ROM, called Oodie Prime ROM, is an alpha version of MIUI 4 for the Xperia X10, so, this is still pretty much unstable.  Oodie Prime is based on the CyanogenMod 9 Free Xperia Project (FXP), and therefore carries all of the issues and bugs that the FXP CM9 code has.

The camera, mobile data, USB tethering, and USB mounting do not work yet, according to the developer.  But, the following do work: GSM, messaging, Music, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi tethering, Superuser permissions, and GPS.

So, if you’ve got what it takes to take your Xperia X10 on an ICS joyride, continue reading our step-by-step guide on how to install Oodie Prime – MIUI 4 (ICS 4.0.3) on your mobile device.


These are the things you need before flashing the ROM:

  • A rooted Xperia X10 with a fully charged battery
  • ClockworkMod Recovery installed on your device
  • Flashtool (latest version is 0.6.7) — get the Windows version here, or the Linux version here.  Install Flashtool on your computer.
  • FXP ICS custom kernel for the X10.  Get it here and save it to your computer.  The file has a *.ftf filename extension. You will flash this file to your X10 using Flashtool.
  • Oodie Prime – MIUI 4 ROM for the X10.  Get the update ZIP file from here and save it to your computer.  Then, copy it to the root directory of your phone’s SD card.
  • Perform a full wipe before flashing the kernel and ROM. To that you will need to boot to ClockworkMod Recovery mode and do the following:
    1. Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset, then confirm on the next screen.
    2. Select Wipe Cache, then confirm on the next screen.
    3. In the main menu, go to Advanced > Wipe Dalvik Cache, then confirm on the next screen.


  • Backup your phone data or transfer all files on your SD card in case it gets corrupted while flashing the ROM
  • The instructions in this guide are intended only for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.  These may or may not work for other Xperia models.
  • Install the ROM at your own risk. We are not held liable for any damage arising from the use of this guide.


  1. Run Flashtool on your computer and use it to flash the FXP ICS custom kernel for the X10.  (Check this easy guide on XDA Developers for using Flashtool to flash a kernel to your Xperia X10.)
  2. After flashing the kernel, disconnect your phone from your computer.
  3. Turn off your phone.
  4. Reboot the phone into ClockworkMod Recovery by pressing and holding the Back button when the “Sony Ericsson” logo appears.
  5. Install the ROM by selecting “Install Zip from SD card” and choosing the downloaded MIUI 4 update ZIP file.  (You copied it to your phone, didn’t you?)
  6. Wait for the installation to finish completely.
  7. Reboot your phone. It may take a while for your device to boot after flashing the ROM.
  8. Launch the Superuser app.  Go to its Settings dialog, and make sure Superuser/Root Permissions is turned on.
  9. Enable USB Debugging by going to Settings > Applications > Development Settings > USB Debugging.
  10. Perform a final reboot on your Xperia X10.

Voila! You have successfully installed Oodie Prime – MIUI 4 on your Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and now runs Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Alvin Ybañez
Android is arguably the most flexible mobile operating system. Period. I'm extremely passionate about helping Android users around world get the most out of their Android devices by writing how-to guides and tutorials.
  • Guest

    Woo that looks pretty good

    • Nomade

      Any news on a newer version that support all features including camera?

  • Younow001

    don’t work soory

  • saif castilo

    Exynos refers to the name of a series of ARM based System-on-Chip’s (SoCs) from Samsung Electronics. Exynos ‘SoCs’ are purpose-built for mobile devices.
    Samsung has a long history of designing and producing SoCs and has been manufacturing SoCs for its own devices as well as for others, for example Apple. The first Samsung SoC, the S3C44B0, was built around an ARM7 CPU which operated at 66 MHz clock frequency. Later, several SoCs (S3C2xxx) containing an ARM9 CPU were produced.[1] HMMMM! sounds so interesting, isn’t it!!! :))

  • Oscat57

    gracias, he estado esperando por horas y mi x10 no resucita.
    trate de recuperarlo con el PC Companion pero mi telefono ya no es reconocible.
    alguna idea de que se puede hacer en este caso?

    • Gabrielde28

      tenes que recuperarlo con el xrecovery o el cwm!! si llega a la pantalla de sonyericsson….. es recuperable. suerte!!

  • Swado81

    this update has completely killed my battery life. I used to get 2 days out of the phone now im lucky to make 12 hrs

    • Nik Dmitrovic

      Calibrate battery

    • vijay

      can u tel hw to update android 2.3.3 to 4.0.3…….nw using sony x10i

  • Sharitkapoor

    Hi what if I want to rollback to my old version 2.3 from 4 what is it that I have to do
    One more thing is it safe to install this new version I mean will every thing work.

    • vignan

      download d orginal 2.3.3 tft file n flash it usinf flash tool

  • Ankush

    iz it gona smooth for the device ……

  • Boytashi

    i dont know to do it as i geting problem from it

  • Shravan

    Hi.this will work on xperia mini pro

  • M_aanu

    you ask to install ClockworkMod and it dosn’t support my xperia x10 .. i have android 2.3… what now???????????

  • Tackyew5590

    i cannot turn on my phone after finished install the zip file… help

    • Milan Guragain

      is your bootloader unlocked????

      • Milan Guragain

        your bootloader should be unlocked, rooted, and then zip should be installed!!!! now u cannot restart you device so, you need flashtool and 2.3.3 firmware….then flash it via flashtool ……..if you didnt understand you can mail me @

  • Friend4u38

    Hi… i have tried to install it but i cant seem to get into recovery mode after flashing the custom kernel…. i keep on holding the back key till sony erricson logo shows .. then i tried to keep pn holding it after that also a tried to leave ot before and i cant seem to get into it… can anyone one help me solve this…but thanks for every one working on this project….

    • vignan

      start pressing the back button repeatedly after the “sony ericsson”
      appears on the screen

  • Just_hiren

    hi friend my x 10 is lock how to open the lock with the help of mail id plz suggest me send me mail on

  • uem1983

    how much time it will take to reboot after flashing rom

    • oulaila

      I’m wondering the same thing… I think something went wrong with mine, because I’m on step 7 and my phone has been stuck on the “oodie miui” screen for 45 minutes…

      • Light4angel

        Same here, don’t know what to do next

  • Pankaj Ondare

    Does the handset function’s normally or any issues in functionality.Kindly reply

    • uem1983

      camera is not working(camera error)cannot connect to camera

  • uem1983

    successfully updated my x10i today with 4.0.3 thanks for all information work for me but camera is not working

    • utkarsh geer

      pls help me doing it my bootunlocker is not being shown

    • abhijeet

      plz tell me full process for update on my mail

  • that kernel is not getting flashed on my X10. tried 100 times. flashed other kernels and rooted the device. but it says >> enable usb debugging but its already enabled, what to do?

  • yanciner

    AWhen will this 4.0.3 will release update me please

  • Killer

    does it work w x10i? :-S my phone seem to be brick :-S, only FreeXperiaProject logo appeared, then nothing changed after I’ve installed the zip file :-S Plz help.

    • gido


      • vignan posham

        you might have made incorrect flashing of .ftf file , just flash the original 2.3.3 ftf file and u will roll back to your GB(ginger bread)

  • does it work w x10i? :-S my phone seem to be brick :-S, only FreeXperiaProject logo appeared

  • after installing zip and reboot<the screen give me oodie miui and stop here…..plz any one tell me what is the solution for this problem

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    Step no.1, don’t you have to do step no.4 first in order to load that ftf kernel? It won’t work

  • Magic

    it worked , thanks

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    hi , when i try to flash it isee this error, can you helpme 08/053/2012 21:53:32 – ERROR
    header verification failed”�

    08/053/2012 21:53:32 – ERROR
    – Error flashing. Aborted

    can you help me

  • Educated Individual

    Completely convinced that half these people here are retarded and should not even be here, much less attempt to upgrade to ICS. ANYWAYS, enough ranting, Thanks! Worked great for me. Did it in one try. It is kinda slow and pretty buggy, camera doesn’t work, apps crash..etc. It’s expected tho, it’s an early build and only in alpha stages.

  • kaustubh

    How to dwnld clockworkmod ????

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    FXP ICS custom kernel for the X10. download link not working please fix this link

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    & i really like the idea of ICS in x10 its sounds cool but can u guys plz plz plz provide the full version of ICS for x10… cauz my 1fren tried it n said its good for a try but not useful so he flashed it.. which really stopped me in 2.3.3 rather trying 4.0.3

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    you can see now pixels on camera and camera is very bad,its not 720p anymore i set it on 5mp and 720p but nothing happes,camera looks same.

    So please can you help me.

  • jyothish

    Re: Xperia mini pro SK17i camera quality
    Me too facing this same problem with my new phone updated from Gingerbread to Icream Sandwich 4.0b version updated from PC companion when will this camera issue be fixed? can anyone expert please let us know when is this issue gonna be fixed camera is an major feature on a phone should we keep lagging on low quality camera and video on ICS forever?

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  • Nhkum Mung Hpan

    Hi i want to upgrade my x10i the post you guide,but software download link were burnt and unavailable now,please can you upload it again? thanks you.with best reguard

  • Gunnar Forsgren

    One should not advertise such an upgrade in a too positive note.
    It is for Android image nerds who are more than willing to sacrifice a lot of stability and features just to have a newer version of an OS running.
    But many an innocent X10 user just go ahead and upgrade and believe all will just work out and that Sony Ericsson put together this upgrade. They did not.

    It is important to note:
    – For any problem that could occur; YOU ARE ESSENTIALLY ON YOUR OWN.
    – If you want a phone with a camera you have now disabled the camera feature.
    – Nobody will be obliged to help in case you want to revert back to your previous phone content. You cannot complain to the phone vendor if you installed a version they do not support.

  • awalayax10i

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