Last week Xiaomi kicked off a test of its Mi store for the UK, Germany, France, and the United States. The initial test saw the sell of a few select accessories in limited batches. The good news is the test phase apparently went well, as Xiaomi has now announced it is fully launching its store in these markets starting June 1st.

Just like before, Xiaomi is only offering the Mi Band ($14.99), a 5000 mAh power bank ($9.99), a 10500 mAh power bank ($13.99) and a high-end headphone set ($79.99). The only difference is that quantities should be less restricted, and likely Xiaomi will add several other accessories in the weeks and months to come.

Of course what most of us are really waiting for are their phones and tablets. We imagine patents relating to software and hardware design are at least part of what’s holding back this expansion, but then there’s also considerations like the need for global support centers if they were to bring their phones to new markets, changes in the software to make it more ‘western’ friendly, and the list goes on.

For now we’ll have to be content with this small baby step, knowing that if all goes well, the Mi store’s full launch could just be the beginning of bigger things for the company in the U.S. and Europe. If Xiaomi did bring its phones and tablets to your market, would you consider making a purchase?

Andrew Grush
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  • Tony T.

    Unless S&H ia reduced, no way am I buying from their storefront. I’ll wait until merchants start selling them on Amazon with Prime or cheaper shipping.

    • Wjdzm

      how much are they charging for s&h? I figured it won’t be much if they do open one in the US

      • JaggedXJ

        I had two bands in my cart during their test run, and they wanted another $15 for s&h to the east coast of the US. Deal killer for me and the lady, before the Google Fit integration.

      • Tony T.

        I didn’t see first hand since it sold out so quickly, but I heard in the ballpark of $15 for s&h…

  • Wjdzm

    Mi Band is cheap enough to buy and test… but everything else is really contemptible…

  • teomor

    Their custom interface is a bit of a turn off, so no.

    • le_lutin

      What has their custom interface got to do with this article? They’re not selling phones or tablets in these new markets.

      • teomor

        The last phrase in the article is “If Xiaomi did bring its phones and tablets to your market, would you consider making a purchase?” Isn’t that the ultimate purpose of their store? Sometime in the future?

  • Igy Tech

    Good news, nice to hear that