The year was 2007. On the radio, Mims was struggling to articulate exactly why he was hot and Fergie was rubbing her “Glamorous” lifestyle in our collective faces. George W. Bush was president, and Steve Jobs showcased the smartphone that would revolutionize the market: the original iPhone.

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November 9, 2015

It’s eight years later, and now Walmart is selling a device that trumps that smartphone handedly. Only instead of costing you $599, this LG Android device is going for $9.82.

Granted, it’s running a paleolithic version of Android that isn’t exactly ideal from a security standpoint, and you’re probably not going to make much progress on Octodad with it. Nevertheless, the idea that you can get this level of technology for a single Alexander Hamilton is pretty mind-blowing.

The LG TracFone has a 3.8-inch display and a 3MP camera. It can’t swing 4G, but 3G networks are within its reach. With its wifi capabilities, you could easily stream some pretty decent video on the device, and streaming music from a service like Google Play Music All Access or Spotify would be well within its reach.

Consider this: Walmart sells a 4GB USB flash drive for about the same price. This smartphone has the same amount of internal storage, except you can also order pizza on it and tweet Obama your opinions on geopolitical issues.

This colossal price drop serves as a reminder of how fast this competitive industry is developing. Imagine the phone in your pocket clasped in clamshell packaging and strung on a rack at a megastore for a handful of dollars. That’s a reality less than a decade away, and the technology that will have rendered it nearly obsolete will be at most people’s fingertips. The future will be fascinating.

  • Bob F

    I understand it’s only ten bucks, but 4gb gets real tight, real fast!

    • It accepts up to a 32GB micro SD card so you can preload stuff on there and you’re good to go

      • Bob F

        Believe me, with modern apps and the fact that many can’t be moved (especially on older Android) It will run out very quickly.

        • patt

          Pretty sure it would be easily to root. Link2sd and you got a nice app or music player lol

        • Marian Zamfir

          If you think you going to use apps that big on that device you must be dreaming :)) If you are not interested in technology, buy that phone to call, sms, maybe an alarm now and then and a little math equation (camera is just for emergencies). You don’t like paying the carrier bill more than what you spent on the phone ? Use What’s Up.
          Your 600$ can’t connect to the network ? Use that phone for two weeks untill your phone come home.
          This is the point !

    • retrospooty

      At $10 its not going to be the phone you buy to load several apps on. It’s pretty much default apps and thats it. If you want to load a bunch of apps, get a $50 phone LOL.

  • retry4

    Well written article, brought up some good points from some news that sounded like nothing, good job.

  • Peter

    How does that phone, barely working, trump the iPhone 1? Honestly, you guys are like rabid dogs, only waiting for ANY excuse and opportunity to bash Apple… Lame.

    • coldspring22 .

      This phone doesn’t stomp on iphone, but virtually every other low end Android phone stomps original iphone to ground. Now you can find 2GB Octacore processor 5.5″ android phone under $100. Better low end phone like Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 ($160) has higher multicore geekbench score than the Apple’s newest and best iphone 6S.

    • They mean in terns of specs. The OG iPhone was revolutionary and yet it had a 600mhz processor, 3.5 inch screen, and 3MP camera. It also cost $600+ now fast forward and tech has gone so far that something with better specs can be had for so much cheaper.

      • Hotbod Handsomeface

        Don’t try to explain it to that Apple fanboy. It’s just wasted breath. #HashtagPeterDoesn’tGetIt

        • ikaros02

          Yeah, feeding trolls isn’t worth it.

    • Asif Hasan

      Are you stupid or just plain retarded? The original iPhone came out about 8 years ago. Smartphone technology had progressed by leaps and bounds. Quite expected and nothing surprising if you ask me. You are the one who is acting like a rabid dog here. I fail to see how this is bashing apple. You must be pretty stupid to be thinking that an 8 year old phone is still better than modern low end smartphones just because it is from Apple.

    • Hotbod Handsomeface

      Go away, Apple fanboy.

    • Modman

      Why are you defending those trolls?
      Go spread your lies somewhere else. I have 5 android tablets. One the nexus 7 which lasted almost 3 years. Only costed me 300 dollars when it first came out. But all tech blogs could say was it wasn’t quite premium.Give me a break apple is a cult. Why spend between between 500-1000 for iPad? Galaxy note 8 let’s me sign PDFs and legal documents. IPad can’t do any of these things. Just face it Apple devices are a ripoff. If you can’t name one thing important iPhone can do that android can’t and it costs more than double the price. If you buy it anyway. You are a Sucker. Point blank.

    • s2weden2000

      reality …

  • Hotbod Handsomeface

    Well, if it has better specs than the very first iphone let me run out and waste my $10.

  • OrionBeast

    that trolly / click-bait article. that’s below the belt John.

    • Great Dude

      This article prove that Android can have a phone costing only $10 which is cheaper than other smartphones’ OS like FireFox OS , Tizen OS and even Windows Phone OS .
      This phone is at least a prove of concept .

  • John Doe

    Well it is either the LG SunRise or the LG Lucky phones ..
    Actually the specs are not that bad for a $10 phone!!
    Take a gander:

    And Peter, anything is better than an iPhone!! lol ..

    • coldspring22 .

      This is good phone for people who want to mostly talk and not do much else. Almost anyone who want reasonably good Android phone will find it easier than ever to get one. (for example Alcatel One touch Idol 3, Zenfone 2, Redmi Note 2). 2015 seem to be the break through year for entry level Android phones.

    • Justin Ko

      Damn! Kitkat,1.2 GHz, and KnockCode for $10? This could serve as a secondary phone.

      BTW, BestBuy or Walmart (I forgot) has the Moto E off-contract for $10 during Black Friday

  • John Matthews

    Who cares about beating the *first iPhone*. That is just stupid. Cricket Wireless is selling phones twice as good for free (via rebates w/ visa cards). they include 4G LTE too.

    • coldspring22 .

      Yes it would be interesting to know if anyone is still using the original iphone? I guess these might have been exported to apple fans in emerging markets.who can’t afford more recent iphone.

    • Yeah but don’t those require a contract? They won’t just give away phones. This thing is only $10 and can be used on tracfone. Not bad if you ask me.

      • scottalias

        They work on WiFi and can be repurposed as music players or security cameras, likely many other uses.

  • daviddiaz1975

    looks pretty neat

  • vishal

    is this phone GSM compatible ?

    • WestSiide


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    • Modman

      Dude this is an android site. Post in Cult of Mac.

      • The-Sailor-Man

        No difference

  • Dheeraj Yalamanchili

    KitKat…Paleolithic..? You should see Indian phones!

  • s2weden2000

    that’s right!

  • Modman

    Are you serious? Most android users hate iphone. And have no interest in buying iphone accessories. That is like trying to sell playboy magazines in a gay bar. A wasted effort. I’m sure there are some halfsteppers but your time and energy selling Apple accessories on an android blog will only go so far.

  • scottalias

    I bought a very similar LG phone, the Optimus Fuel for thirty bucks off Amazon and added a 64 GB SD card for another thirty bucks. I have my music, Google Play All Access music and Amazon Prime music stored on it, sixty gigs of offline music. I disabled every app that consumes RAM, takes up memory, or slows down the processor. Very handy, tiny, dedicated music player for sixty bucks with around 500 albums for offline use, millions with WiFi. Works with Chromecast, Bluetooth or headphones.

  • Ron Velitsky

    In yore faes aepll

  • Ethan Houtman

    buy a bunch, put orbot on them set to run as a tor node, plug in at a coffee shop and leave it.