Vivo Xplay 5 launched with 6 GB of RAM, Snapdragon 820 and dual-edge display

by: Kris CarlonMarch 1, 2016

Vivo Xplay5 teaser

The Vivo Xplay 5 Ultimate Edition has been officially launched in China, becoming the first smartphone in the world to ship with 6 GB of RAM. The Vivo Xplay 5 specs also include the Snapdragon 820, 128 GB of internal storage and a 5.43-inch QHD dual-edge Super AMOLED display just like the Galaxy S7.

The Vivo Xplay 5 features a metal unibody design, fingerprint scanner, fast-charging 3,600 mAh battery and Hi-Fi 3.0 dual stereo speakers. With a specs sheet like this and a price tag around $650, you have to ask yourself: did Vivo just make a cheaper Galaxy S7 Edge?

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The answer is likely “no” but you do have to be impressed with the Xplay 5 on paper. Of course, history and experience has shown us time and time again that you can’t trust a trust a specs sheet to predict real-life performance, but at the very least the Xplay 5’s specs and styling are going to turn a few heads that might not have otherwise budged from Planet Samsung. We’ll be very interested to see how this device stacks up against the very best Samsung has to offer, and whether or not the 16 MP/8 MP combo on the Xplay 5 can perform anywhere near as well as a Samsung camera.

Vivo Xplay 5

Whether the Vivo Xplay 5 is likely to make any kind of impact on the Galaxy S7 Edge’s sales in China is hard to say. Chinese phones with high-end specs and competitive pricing are becoming increasingly common and increasingly compelling, putting the “big boys” on high alert long ago.

But the fact that the Vivo Xplay 5’s curved screen doesn’t have any edge features like the Galaxy S7 Edge make it pretty clear that this phone is not really in the same class as Samsung’s latest flagship, no matter how similar it looks. Having said that, the Chinese market has typically thrived on surface over substance anyway.

Vivo Xplay 5 front and back

If not making use of the edge doesn’t bother you that much, Vivo has two Xplay 5 models up its sleeve: the standard model “Flagship Edition” with 4 GB of RAM and Snapdragon 652 Soc for 3,698 Yuan ($565) and the Vivo Xplay 5 “Ultimate Edition” with 6 GB of RAM and Snapdragon 820 for 4,288 Yuan ($655).

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The Vivo Xplay 5 finger scanner can unlock from sleep in 0.4 seconds and from a screen-on state in 0.2 seconds. It runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow underneath Vivo’s FunTouch OS and you’re limited to just two color options: Rose Gold or Champagne Gold. The standard model is available for pre-order right now and the Ultimate Edition will reportedly go on sale on March 8.

What do you think of the Xplay 5? Is 6 GB of RAM overkill or simply the next step?

  • Camilla/קמילה

    if the iPhone 6s and the galaxy S6 edge had a bastard chiled.

    • AndroidUser15

      and if they name that bastard “Camilla”.

      • Camilla/קמילה

        What is your problem?

        • Nibbler

          I can smell that burn from over here

        • saksham

          dont mind him hes new on the internet

          • big damn nigga

            whiteknighting gook

      • Scott Kepple

        Exactly my thoughts!! So many phones copy iPhone, and then the owners bash iPhone.. Lol I feel like 2015/2016 almost every Android phone has Apple esque looks

    • Ron


      • נתי


      • frei_herr

        Not cool and rather impolite on a international english website.
        Take a room, dear…
        Thus for you:
        לא מגניב ואפילו לא מנומס באתר בינלאומי אנגלית אינטרנט.
        קחו חדר, יקירתי …

  • Densmac

    RIP Samsung

    • seattle tech

      You realize that the screen and ram is made by samsung and that the soc inside is also manufactured by samsung. So either way samsung is getting money and this is basically a samsung phone

      • But not by selling their device. Samsung also sells everything to Apple.

        • seattle tech

          Yup So samsung makes money no matter what phone you use. Apple actually wants more samsung parts

      • Assefa Hanson

        by that logic virtually all phones are china phones since they practically make all the parts

        • seattle tech

          China is cheap labor. Samsung is actually using Vietnam more.

      • Nana Prempeh

        so what about the apple a7 and a9 which were both made by samsung (actually the A9 is made by two companys but samsung model is more abundant) by that logic Iphone 5s and Iphone 6s (atleast slightly over half of them) are samsung phones.

        • seattle tech

          So yes Densmac logic is furthest from the truth. It’s more money for samsung

  • AbbyZFresh

    This curved screen is nothing more than a fad. Only a matter of time before people go back to regular screens

    • Airyl

      People never left regular screens, they just embraced the fact that more than one type of screen can exist.

    • FlipJumpman

      God forbid consumers have choice.

  • Brad Fortin

    Don’t worry, Samsung, they didn’t rip off your design, they got their inspiration from a bowl of water!

    • abn

      And rice

  • seattle tech

    Screen & Ram from samsung. SoC made by samsung. Wonder who makes the storage

    • I hope it’s UFS 2.0 and than it beats Samsung with 128GB storage. I wonder why S7 is priced so high if everything here is Samsung?

      • abn

        What’s in a name? Come on Sammy

        • That’s the exact point anyway and hence waiting for this device than a S7

  • Shut-Upp! This is my S7 with USB Type-C or 128GB Storage

    • RunningGreat

      Except missing all the important Galaxy S7 features that make it a no 1 phone in the world…

      • Bashar Shehab

        Which is nothing.

        • RunningGreat

          Life must be simple for you. Go ahead and take the vivo ill take the galaxy :)

      • Mike Z

        I have a galaxy s7 and Im going to return it. I like android but samsung just messes everything up. The phone is not that great.

        • frei_herr

          Ohhh, really?!?…

  • abn

    Emerging from the depths of secrecy the New S8.. Stay tuned…..

  • cyric0

    nothing says chinese market more than gold and pink as the only color options.
    At least those casemakers will make a killing.

  • Diego

    only 6gb of ram?
    That is not enough we need 1tb of ram on phones.

  • benoita74

    I think we have officially seen the perfect phone born.
    I can’t seem to find a single drawback or compromise on this phone. Everything’s perfect, from SOC to screen to battery and down to the design

    • Luis Martinez

      Indeed. Waiting for this phone for two years now. People can trash Vivo all they want cause none have ever owned a Vivo phone. Own one first, please.

  • Tonderai Chambwe

    so sad could have bought it if they had included the kitchen sink on the specs sheet

  • Enrico Balsamo

    Screen tecnology?

  • Shadi

    6 Gb is overkill?
    It depends on the software to use it, after a second thought the software will make or break the phone, despite every thing I we put my eyes on it. Can’t wait to see the review of it and if it live up to the specifications it will earn a place in my pocket

    • Nana Prempeh

      yeah ikr, i heard that it can store apps as a permanent part of the memory so when you open the app it wont reload it will be where you left it.

  • DDD

    “Vivo Xplay 5’s curved screen doesn’t have any edge features”
    So the, what’s the point?

  • GreaterLesser

    Finally a phone with almost as much ram as my laptop

  • aaloo

    the curved screen is so so annoying honestly. i’m certain many people love it. but for me personally, its having part of what you are looking at sliding off the edge. good for looking at pictures. terrible for reading text.

  • Kishore Venktesh

    Front of a Samsung galaxy s7 edge, back is a hybrid of iPhone 6s and nexus 6P

  • RunningGreat

    Dual Fat Edge

  • arbocorp

    I have just one question, how can I buy this phone now!!??

  • Sagar Vishwakarma

    There is no point puting a dual edge display without its usage. BLIND!!

  • Another Skywalker

    An edge with no edge !!

    • Addict00tech

      Two edges but it barely has an edge!

  • Andrew White

    6GB of DDR3 is a little on the slow side.
    DDR4 would be a different story altogether…..please provide with more detailed specs.
    Otherwise this just becomes a headline.

    • RunningGreat

      If you want DDR4, UFS 2.0 Samsung is where it’s at.

      • Andrew White

        Located more info on this smartphone….it is in fact 6GB of DDR4, which betters everything else released and probably due for release this year.
        Can this device though, match the refinement and options available on the established big name brands
        i.e. Samsung and LG?
        Can’t wait for a head to head breakdown by Android Authority.

  • Assefa Hanson

    wow this is one biased article, saying this phone is not in the same class just because it doesnt have the same edge features, as well as the “the Chinese market has typically thrived on surface over substance anyway” wow well maybe i’ve read into this wrong but..

    • RunningGreat

      It’s not in the same class because they don’t offer the same features or hardware as Samsung. Samsung packs the best in class everything into heir phones. At this point in history, Chinese phones are trying to look the part but their internals are still not the best.

      • Assefa Hanson

        is this some type of joke? this phone literally has world leading/exlusive specifications what are you talking about? and what internals are not up to par is it the soc that all oems use? is it ddr4 that chinese phones also have, is it storage capacity? is it ois, the operating system, are chinese phones lacking in sensors?, is it that chinese phones dont have amoled screen? please tell me these “not the best internals” i guess 6gb ram is not best in class right?

  • Arol Wright

    Is there really need for 6 GB of RAM on a phone? My device, with 2 GB of RAM and Android 6.0 (Moto G 2015), is running way smoother than my friend’s Note 5 (4 GB, Android 5.1.1).

    Launching in more RAM won’t improve performance if your software is a mess. And by the looks of it, that Vivo UI looks heavy as hell.

    • MBTechno

      Either you’re lying or your friend with the Note 5 is a total dumbass.

      • manohar reddy

        shitsung fan spotted.

      • Bashar Shehab

        Samsuck fanass spotted. Even my 2gb ram powered Xperia Z3 Compact outperform the Galaxy S6 which is just a smaller note 5 :p.

        Btw I compared them I’m not saying nonsense :3

      • disiplinator

        Totally agree to that!

  • Fifth313ment

    I want a big phone with stylus support! Why doesn’t anyone but Samsung want my money, and tons of others?!

    • Daniel

      Lollipop has native support for styllii. Buy a 3rd party active stylus and a 6P or something. Works bettet anyway

      • Fifth313ment

        Really, thanks, any links? Bluetooth? Also the idea of having no where to put it comes into play…

  • Saptarshi Paul Choudhury

    vivo is going to kill samsung galaxy s7 and s7 edge at such cheap price nailed it

    • Abdou Azzedine (A2Z)

      650 $ is cheap?

  • Saptarshi Paul Choudhury

    vivo has made a beast of a smartphone

  • boris “gamusino petete” sajoni

    wow i am reading too many “this is a copy of the iphone” it might be in the color, otherwise its soooo different. 1) fingerprint sensor on the back. 2) the screen is samsungs QHD amoled edge screens, no retina display bulshit. 3)6gb of RAM?? message me in 2116 whe apple does that ;) 4)buttons are on the phone, no circle home button that other phones do have. 5) it took like 4 phones for apple to change from 8mpx camera to a 12 mpx so 16 will come in 2020?

    • Falenone

      That “retina” is just a marketing term, nothing else. AMOLED is obviously far better.

  • Mohammad Hussain

    This thing better run GTA5 or ima sue vivo.

  • Joseph Savion

    All of this hardware and still no IR blaster!

    It’s a Kickstarter campaign soon to be launch.

    This phone is supported, and then you will have the IR blaster on S7.

    That way we will enjoy this wonderful phone and still have IR in your smartphone.

    Please check it out here:

    eyekickstarter com

    • Anat Shay

      Looks beautiful!

      I didnt upgrade to Note 5 because they removed the IR blaster.

      Good luck!

      • Joseph Savion


    • Jakob

      Good luck!!

  • Phil

    If this phone was to come to the US, especially T-Mobile I would finally have a upgrade for my Z3.

  • fn noobee

    This is such a Samsung Galaxy S7 rip-off as far as design goes that I am surprised Sammy isn’t suing the pants off this company. The plagiarism in design is outright blatant.

  • Mailo Life

    Samsung have to level up its game

  • Andrew White

    Looks like demand for this phone has far outpaced production, even for the Chinese market.
    Oppomart promptly responded to my email yesterday and said ‘it will be a long time’ before I could purchase one and that ‘I should choose another model’ or brand that they sell.

  • Kritika Pandey

    A great review indeed. I too have been using this phone and got value for money. Vivo delivers what it promised. Earlier, I was sceptical about switching to Vivo and use Snapdragon. But, this faired well. I would recommend Vivo if in case you are looking for a budget smartphone.

  • Ordinary Geek

    It’d be great if they let this thing just run stock. They won’t, of course. But it’d be nice.

  • Without the 7000-series aluminium, it’s looting with that price.