While Vivo might not be a well-known brand in Europe and United States, in Asia, particularly its home country of China, the brand enjoys plenty of recognition. A household brand or not, Vivo can be commended for often being the first or one of the firsts to embrace new trends, such as offering the first QHD handset, and now the upcoming Vivo Xplay 5 has been announced on Vivo’s website as the world’s first handset with a staggering 6GB RAM.

Of course all that RAM will matter little if it doesn’t have a killer chipset to go with it, but thankfully, Vivo has its bases covered there as well, with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 under the hood. Other than a Snapdragon 820 processor with 6GB RAM, the only other confirmed spec is a QHD display. The rest of the specs, pricing, and release details will likely come on March 1st, when Vivo is slated to fully unveil the Vivo Xplay 5. As for the looks? That remains a mystery as well, as Vivo has yet to officially showcase the phone’s design.

While the Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge and LG G5 are the kings of MWC, it’s clear that plenty of competition is heading down the pipe, though it’s very likely the Vivo Xplay 5 will never been seen officially outside of Asia. What do you think, impressed to see someone breaking the 4GB RAM barrier? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

Andrew Grush
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  • Vincent

    You never can have enough RAM!

    • Gangsta101


  • Diego

    Why the hell would people need 6gb of ram?
    I can’t even hit 3gb, and I run 5 or 6 apps in the background.

    • saksham

      ram isnt all for multitasking it also results in better performance overall hopefully people are saying the note 5 will have 5 to 6 gb ram so i will go for it

      • Diego

        uhhh, having more ram doesn’t give you more performance.
        Thats like saying, a nexus with 2gb of ram is slower then a phone full to the brim with bloteware, and with 3 or 4gb of ram.

    • Francis Phoon Chang Liang

      Bro vivo xplay 5 has 4gb ram for cpu another 2gb is for the gpu so total up is 6gb ram yeah we don’t need that much of ram so they put another 2gb ram for graphic purposes

      • GreaterLesser

        2GB for graphics huh? That would put this phone’s GPU on or just below par with some low end and mid range desktop GPUs in terms of VRAM. An impressive feat none the less

  • Marc Perrusquia

    It be nice if it actually came to America.

    • If any product lanuches from BLU that will first hit America… in india not even a single BLU smartphone is available

      • saksham

        who cares about blu

        • Kyng

          Blu rebrands Vivo and sells in the US

          • MesTaRas

            Blu rebrands gionee

          • Kyng

            Yup. Vivo as well. Usually the lower end Vivo phones.. .they use Vivo in the name of the Vivo phones they rebrand.

  • That will feature 6 gigs of Ram but if the Ram Management technique is dull or if they put a heavy OEM skin then that’s going to end that hot sounded spec. smartphone

    • Prateek

      But even if they put massive bloatware in this we still be happy because Custom ROM will be there with less bloatware issues.

  • RH

    Six gigs is superfluous is apps can’t or won’t utilize that amount. Do you know of any reason at this time for 6 gb in a phone? Just curious.

    • saksham

      more is good ! ppl who are intense powerusers may buy this one

    • MesTaRas

      Android automatically use free ram as a cache so it brings better performance and a better batteryl life.

  • saksham

    well it must run modern combat 5 , fifa 16 , mortal combat x , gta san andreas and a couple other graphic intensive apps all in the background if not then the company will be the most hated

  • Dusan

    Can it run Crysis?

    • Mmm

      Probably could on low settings, if you could get it on the phone

      • Anon

        not. CPU and GPU are not powerfull enough for these kind of renders.

  • Csendes Marcell

    Very nice, must buy, gonna look cool with my Nexus 6 :D

  • sddsd

    and it will lag while oppening dialer app :D

    • Sami Cooper


  • Robert Johnson


  • malez

    makes me wonder about battery life

  • Sami Cooper

    Great! Let’s dedicate some of this for the camera, etc

  • G1andonly

    Worthless if it has a 2600mah battery, I guess we will see.

  • Itamar Baum

    i would prefer 4gb ddr4 than 6gb ddr3.

    • Andrew White

      Agreed…but why would ddr3 be used on flagship in 2016.
      It would need more than ram to beat Samsung and LG.

  • Karly Johnston

    More RAM burns more battery, it better be a big one.

  • Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

    This will even smash the Galaxy S7 and G5!

  • Nadia Al-Belushi

    This phone will kick butt!!! Go vivo!!! ^_^

  • WAI

    what’s the battery capacity?

  • alan price

    more ram is good but what about cutting edge custom roms to match stuff like this and android 6 and show developers what can be really done, come on Chainfire !

  • jay

    The phone looks pretty good.