Videostream is a must-have Chrome extension for any Chromecast owner

by: Bogdan PetrovanMay 3, 2014


Google’s Chromecast is a great piece of gear, and it becomes more attractive with each new service or capability it gains. Videostream is just the latest example.

Videostream is a free extension for the Chrome web browser that lets users cast local media files to the Chromecast, without any complicated setup or hassle. Basically, the extension provides the same functionality as Plex or other media server applications do, including playback from attached network drives, network PCs, thumb drives, or disc drives. If your computer can see the file, Videostream will likely play it. We say likely because, as this video from Tekzilla shows, some (though not all) .mkv files don’t play properly for some reason.

The extension should be able to handle most common video formats and a few of the more exotic ones, and it can even load subtitles files. Videostream is still in development, so some issues may crop from time to time, but you can notify developers about them for resolution.

There’s even a companion Android app that you can use to control playback while you are away from your computer, and the team plans to launch an iOS remote app soon, as well as support for media playlists and support for hardware other than the Chromecast.

To play local video and audio files, you will need to have the official Google Cast installed, and obviously your computer and Chromecast need to be on the same network. Other than that, it’s as easy as firing up Videostream, picking a file, and pressing play.

Head over to Chrome web store to install the free Videostream extension.

  • Ryu

    The remote app is actually really useful to me.

    • virginia662

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      • Ryu

        Thanks, I’ll be sure to take a look.

  • Lucas Teixeira Gouveia

    What’s the best way to buy chromecast outside Google Play? If there’s such an option.
    I only ask ’cause I’m going to the US late august this year, and I’m not shure if they deliver it in hotels. And, since I’m purchasing US dollars, I’d rather pay in cash (credit card fees eat your money away).

    • Max_Freedom

      They sell them at Best Buy.

    • Andrew Jones

      I got mine at Walmart for the same $35 as you would get it in the Google Play Store

      • J_Pod

        Yep, just bought one there last night.

    • Lucas Teixeira Gouveia

      Tnx for the awnsers =)

  • iantrich

    LakitooCast takes out the PC middleman for playing files from NAS and Samba drives. I highly recommend it.

    • xahdica

      Who’s hosting the NAS and Sambra drives then? Magic?

      • iantrich

        In my case, my router has USB inputs that will then host the drives as Sambra drives.

        • xahdica

          So your router transcodes from AVI to MP4?

          • iantrich

            That would be nice, but no. I usually convert from AVI to MP4 using Handbrake, although the Cast plugin for Solid Explorer is able to play AVI files from my Samba. So there must be some on the fly transcoding going on there.

  • Want… …soon as I root out a nasty bit of adware that I keep removing with Malawarebytes but which keeps reappearing every time I start Chrome. Articles I’ve read tell me I have to download and run TWO more anti-malware programs in a specific order and way to finally zap it. (Grrrrr)

    PS guys, if you think the download site at is likely to be run safely for users because it’s from a major tech news site, think again. It’s getting harder and harder to download anything that isn’t LOADED with stuff. And used to be you could avoid it if you answered an (ever-growing) number of Q’s to avoid installing “bonus” programs, but I was way wary and ended up with about 15 in 10 seconds (I aborted the download after that long… …too long). Scum. I now only download from sites that certify no “extras”…. ..and check them out as well.

  • Alenym

    I wish there was a way to remove the brand logo. It’s not that big, but it’s orange flash.
    I’d seriously pay for that.
    Until then, I’ll just use my PS3 for streaming local videos from my computer. :P

  • Douglas Lewis

    Easiest method I found: Open a new chrome browser tab and drag the file onto the window. Automatically starts playing, then just cast the browser to the chromecast. Not sure what formats are supported.

  • cpeiffler

    How does this compare in performance to dropping a file into the browser and casting the tab? Works like a charm for me and on the mobile side, Allcast performs like a champ. While this may not be the app for me, I am very happy all this active development for the Chromecast. Lovely piece of hardware.