A trio of 10: HTC’s new flagship may come in multiple variants

by: Matthew BensonMarch 28, 2016

Mobile World Congress was held several weeks ago, and much to the dismay of HTC fans, the Taiwanese OEM had a decidedly non-flagship phone to feature. While the HTC Desire 530, Desire 630, and Desire 825 might have whet some viewer’s whistle, it is the company’s upcoming device, codenamed HTC Perfume and now being referred to as the HTC 10, that is commanding full attention. Unfortunately the official April 12th unveiling is still a few weeks away.

The latest leak comes from Chinese website My Drivers which is reporting that three different variants of the HTC 10 will be released:

HTC 10 Variants

Variant One: This will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 processor, have 3GB of RAM, 16GB of on-board storage and will retail for around $584.

Variant Two: This will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, have 3GB of RAM, 32GB of on-board storage, and will retail for around $768.

Variant Three: This will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, have 4GB of RAM, 128GB of on-board storage, and will retail for around $905.


All three models will allegedly have a 5.15-inch QHD Super LCD5 display, and come with a 12-megapixel rear camera with a dual-tone LED flash, OIS, and laser Auto Focus. They will also supposedly have a 3000mAh battery, and run Android 6.0 Marshmallow with Sense 8.0.

Inside and Out

In addition to this report, additional images claiming to depict the HTC 10 surfaced today showing the device in two colors as well as the internals:

Wrap Up

With only a short amount of time remaining before the official launch, it’s likely that more leaks will trickle down, though given what happened to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5, perhaps they might be even more accessible.


  • Ndaks Jonah

    poor decisions from htc and this is why they will never make huge sales, be as big as they once were or even ever recover ever.

    • shushant kumar

      Sony and HTC prices their phone similar to apple (overpriced) but can’t being the software optimization and hardware quality as apple does

  • TeeJay1100

    If this is true, HTC just shot themselves in the foot. The bullet used was terrible pricing.

    • Jasdeep Singh

      “HTC just shot themselves in the foot” …….. again!

      • =

        No, that prices are clear headshot…

  • GreaterLesser

    Nearly $600 for a Snapdragon 652 device? You can’t be serious…..over $900 for SnapDragon 820 and 4GB of RAM? Please tell me HTC is doing this as a April fools prank and the real prices will be revealed later…otherwise these devices probably aren’t going to sale as well.

    • US prices will be less.

      • GreaterLesser

        On US carriers versions maybe but on the unlocked (non-international) version, I doubt it. Just have to wait and see……and pray they don’t disappoint as much everyone thinks they will.

    • Donte Rogers

      Would make more sense if the top 2 were larger

      • GreaterLesser

        Strangely enough this higher end model is priced at or higher than an iPhone 6S+. Let’s face it, HTC isn’t ready for that kind of competition yet.

      • ISH-3000

        I thought the 3rd variant would be at least a 5.5″ – but then again HTC takes its cues from the sales of the one MAX which was another flop (for a flagship – those spec were pretty weak) … So I don’t think they ll be willing to set foot in those waters.

  • Dave

    htc never fails to disappoint.

  • Goran

    Hahaha…god, somebody in htc has biiiig problem. I thought A9 was a test or experiment (killed by price)….but turns it’s not the case. Wang is delusional completely. Samsung is going to be very pleased with competition moves…they will boost s7 and edge sales…..only the sky is the limit for Samsungs flagship this year.
    I have to repeat it again to try to understand….128gb version will be the only with 4gb ram….god….whats wrong with 32 or 64 and 4 ram with reasonable price. God, what do they pour them in water in Taiwan…

  • cheetose4

    I agree with many others that HTC is really shooting itself in the foot with their spec selection and price. I think HTC could really differentiate themselves if they went with a considerably less expensive but still extremely good 1080p display paired with a snapdragon 820 and use the savings to either make the phone cheaper or for the phone to have an insane camera module. The 1080p display would also give htc the advantage of potentially having a flagship phone that has better performance and battery life than all the other flagship phones.

  • Michael H. Martel

    I seriously hope that they’re wrong, because these prices are bad enough for me to move to Samsung.

    • Goran

      I am having the same problem….tired of waiting for htc to make proper speced and priced phone.

  • saksham

    shouldnt smartphones be CHEAPER in emerging markets ? the iphone se itself costs $185 more in india than in usa

  • I agree with negative comments on the price. HTC is not facing reality – the reality of high quality, less expensive Chinese phones. Samsung can just barely get away with high prices, but not for long. Too many less expensive, high end phones coming out over the past year or so and more to come.

  • Steven Fox

    I really doubt those prices are real, nobody will pay 500$ for an entry version of a flagship when they can get the S7 or LG G5 for that price. HTC may have failed in the past, but they are not dumb to price themselves out of the market.

    • Goran

      I was thinking the same when rumor apeared for A9 price….so nothing surprises me from htc. I think they are rude and disrespectful towards customers. Do they consider us blind and stupid? I think ppl who run htc need urgent psychological treatment.

    • balcobomber25

      The One M9 was $649 US, the M9+ launched in India for 52,500 INR which is just under $800 US. At this point I wouldn’t put anything past HTC. This company has been slowly killing themselves with each new phone release since the M7.

  • TheJunkie

    looks good, sign me up:)

  • D’ohrk!

    Dude, just shy of $1K for a phone? WTF?

  • Rmac8

    U would want to be a very keen HTC users to splash out that cash for the phones ..S7 has to be a preferred option ..personally can’t wait for the Note 6 ..
    Did own ..at the time ..the brilliant HTC HD 2, but HTC forgot about their existing customers and I moved on from HTC .

  • Goran

    Htc really hates its fans….if any left.

  • seattle tech

    These prices can’t be real. Then again HTC did have a trade your s6 edge iphone 6s plus for a free A9 deal.

    • Me

      Tru. So this isn’t past them to do so.

  • Ivan Carapovic

    I was really hoping for this device, but with that price… I’m better off waiting for OnePlus 3

  • King_Android

    boring looks like an M7 remake.

  • Donte Rogers

    They better figure it out cuz my contract is up this weekend and that S7 Edge looking nice

  • Marty

    The black one looks sweet.

  • john

    I am disappointed at the price. It shouldn’t be this high

  • Shane

    You people find something new to complain about every day. First it’s the overall design. Then it’s the camera. Then it’s BoomSound. Now it’s the cost. Most of you are going to be on carrier agreements anyway… ?☕

  • 128 GB + microSD + adoptable storage is worth $905 to me. That’s pretty much a full blown no compromises PC in your pocket in every respect. Do it & I’ll buy it, HTC.

  • Roy

    I think is going to be 400$ for the 652 and 600$ and 700$ for the 32GB and 128GB. 700$ it’s a nice price for 128GB.

  • Mark

    If I’m not mistaken this pricing will be another critical blow for HTC.

  • balcobomber25

    HTC continues to price themselves out of the market. For the price of the “midrange” model, I can buy a Xioami Mi5 (with the same hardware), lose and replace it and still have money left over…

  • scott94

    For a while I was hearing it would have IP68. Haven’t heard that lately. Anyone know something about that?

  • jay

    Don’t think that’s right. Price is way to high for a phone with these specs

  • Mark Pointon

    Someone at HTC needs to get off the crack and back in the real world and realise they are not the top-tier maker they used to be so charging iPhone money for a phone that may not even sell to begin with is So unrealistic.

    • illregal

      Please tell me who makes a better phone?

  • Arsalan Bashir

    OMG really htc? I believe its time for htc to regain its momentum in international market but with such freaking and bizzare prices.
    Htc should rethink about 10.

  • Me

    Can’t really see myself paying over $600 for a android flagship. Too many good midrange devices.

  • Bassam Al Taher

    I dont know why people are getting CRAZY about it!! I think this is a really wise decision by HTC. Firstly, the variant most people are intressred about, i guess, is the secound one for about 770$ which is the price of any android flagship and you are getting flagship specs. Although it has 3gb ram, but with HTCs sense gr8 optimaisation it will be extremly smooth (its not a samsung!!). The cheapest varient (about 550$) is a really good deal!! Actually the s.d 652 is a really powerfull CPU, its more or as powerfull as the 810 actually ( without any heating problems!). And the most expensive one is Obviously not for everyone!

  • ISH-3000

    For these prices… I hope they are bundling in something else extra… (miss the days of SENSATION XE / ReZound with the beats by dre earphones)