11 live wallpapers for Android that you might like

by: Joe HindyOctober 18, 2013

Simply put, there are a lot of live wallpapers in the Play store. You can find anything from simple wallpapers that just change color to ones that look and do crazy things. You can even find live wallpapers that have functionality. Finding the ones you’re looking for can be tough since there are so many. We’ve decided to help out by providing a best live wallpapers for Android list that you can start your search from. As usual, if you’d rather watch it, then we have posted our video above.

Androids Pro LWP best live wallpapers for androidAndroids Pro! LWP

[Price: Free / $1.49]
First on our list is Androids Pro! live wallpaper. This is a simplistic wallpaper with a lot of customization options. There are a few shapes to choose from and you can make them pretty much any color you want. You can also change the background color or pattern. Once you have the objects and colors picked out, you can change the physics, size, and speed of the objects to your liking. So it’s possible to have a hundred little objects floating around or one giant Andy the Android floating around.

As far as live wallpapers go, Androids Pro! is pretty typical. The free version is the same as the paid version except a few settings are locked. People seem to really like the paid version, however, and it has already amassed a 4.9 rating in the Google Play Store.
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So if you like Androids, customization, and live wallpapers that aren’t overly complicated, Androids Pro! is one to check out.
Android Pro LWP best live wallpapers for android

Christmas Rink LWP best live wallpapers for androidChristmas Rink Live Wallpaper

[Price: Free]
Christmas Rink Live Wallpaper is our next app and, admittedly, it’s really only worthy during one time of the year. Due to shopping crazes, that time of year lasts like three months, but who are we to complain? Christmas Rink is a very simple background and one of the more elegant live wallpapers on our list. It features an ice skating rink with a Christmas tree centerpiece that people ice skate around. It’s also interactive, as tapping skaters will make them skate faster.

There aren’t a lot of customizations with this one. You can change the skaters to elves or Santa Claus if you want to. You can also control the snow that falls. However, that’s about it. If you’re
Get it on Google Play
not af an of Christmas or if you want something like this year round, the developer of Christmas Rink has a few other live wallpapers depicting other holidays.
Christmas Rink LWP best live wallpapers for android

Device Info Ex Best live wallpapers for androidDevice Info Ex Live Wallpaper

[Price: Free / $1.12]
If you’re a regular watcher and reader of our app lists, then you’ve seen Device Info Ex Live Wallpaper before. It’s a favorite of ours and happens to also be the most functional of the live wallpapers on our list. Instead of just playing some animations and looking pretty, Device Info LWP shows you a variety of stats about your phone. You can view your CPU and RAM usage, storage, temperature, time, and even things like compass and tilt.

You can customize Device Info in a lot of ways. You can change the colors of the background to match whatever theme you’re using. Also, the stat boxes are modular. So you can click and drag them which allows you to arrange the boxes in any order you like.
Get it on Google Play
You can also delete categories you don’t want or use. None of the other live wallpapers on this list have the functionality and usefulness of Device Info LWP.
device info ex best live wallpapers for android

Gold Future Interface best live wallpapers for androidGold Future Interface Live Wallpaper

[Price: $0.99]
Gold Future Interface Live Wallpaper is a simple app but it looks glorious. It has a Dues Ex kind of flavor and that cyberpunk look is totally awesome. It features a gold color scheme with a clock, some moving spotlights, and some spinning circles that move when you change home screens. It has a lot going on but it really is a simple live wallpaper.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of customization options. You can change the position of the clock and the clock itself. Other settings include the speed of the animations and where other graphics are placed.
Get it on Google Play
However, unlike most of these live wallpapers, you can’t change the color scheme of Gold Future Interface. So if you don’t like gold, you probably won’t like this.
gold future interface best live wallpapers for android

Koi LWP best live wallpapers for androidKoi Live Wallpaper

[Price: $0.99]
Of all the live wallpapers on this list, Koi Live Wallpaper is among the most beautiful. It’s essentially a pond where a bunch of Koi fish are swimming around. When you touch the screen, the water will ripple. When you touch the fish, they’ll get scared and swim away, and if you double tap, it’ll drop little blue flakes that the fish will eat. If you’re a fan of nature, then you’ll just love this wallpaper.

There is nothing in this live wallpaper that can’t be customized. You can change how many fish there are and pick their colors individually. The water ripple effect can be controlled.
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There is a healthy supply of background images to choose from. So if nature, water scenes, and fish are your thing, this is one of the best live wallpapers on the list for you.
Koi LWP best live wallpapers for android

Snowfall best live wallpapers for androidSnowfall Live Wallpaper

[Price: Free / $0.99]
Snowfall Live Wallpaper has been around so long that it can be considered a classic. It was released during the very first waves of live wallpapers when the feature first became available and it’s still among the most popular and highest rated live wallpapers to date. It features a tree line view with falling snow. It’s a calm live wallpaper for those who don’t like a lot of action going on.

It also happens to have a decent amount of customization options. Our favorite is the feature where you can have it switch from night to day based on what time it is. So it’ll be dark at night and bright during the day. You can also control snow fall, the trees swaying, and a number of other variables.
Get it on Google Play
If you want some more color, you can even add aurora borealis. If you’re into the Christmas spirit, you set Santa Claus to fly at random intervals across your screen.
Snowfall best live wallpapers for android

Thunderstorm best live wallpapers for androidThunderstorm Live Wallpaper

[Price: Free / $0.99]
Like Snowfall, Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper was around back when live wallpapers were a new feature. Also, like Snowfall, it continues to be among the highest rated in the Google Play Store. As the name implies, Thunderstorm shows people a thunderstorm on their devices. It’s complete with rain, moving clouds, and lightning strikes. It’s another one of our favorites on the list.

It has a surprising amount of customization options as well. Really, you can make this do whatever you want. One of our favorites is the ability to set off a lightning strike by touching the screen. You can control the intensity of the lightning strikes as well. Perhaps its most unique feature is the ability to change the color of everything.
Get it on Google Play
You can do a black sky with red lightning if you want to. Or green lightning on a purple sky. It really is up to you and makes this among the best live wallpapers on the list.
Thunderstorm best live wallpapers for android

Xperia Z best live wallpapers for AndroidXperia Z Live Wallpaper

[Price: Free]
Sometimes, OEMs just get it right and when it comes to live wallpapers, that can be said about Sony. Their Xperia Z UX is gorgeous on its own and so is the live wallpaper. Like the UX itself, it’s dark and colorful all at once and brings a sophisticated and delightful wallpaper that can go with any theme.
Get it on Google Play
It’s free, which makes it only better and the developer also released some for the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Note 3, and others. They’re all worth checking out.
Xperia Z best live wallpapers for Android

Vortex Galaxy best live wallpapers for androidVortex Galaxy Live Wallpaper

[Price: Free]
No really, Vortex Galaxy is probably the most beautiful live wallpaper on this list. It’s a space scene. So if you like space scenes, you can appreciate this live wallpaper even more. When you set it up, it fades in with a myriad of beautiful colors and stars. Then it will pulse and rotate and otherwise just sit there and be pretty. There is little to no interaction, though, so people who like slow wallpapers without a lot of action will enjoy this one.

It also has very few customization options. What few options there are will be barely noticeable if you change them. So with Vortex Galaxy, what you see is pretty much what you get. This is no big deal because it looks very good and because it is very colorful, it can go with a plethora of themes already.
Get it on Google Play
It’s also worth noting that the developer has several others in the Galaxy series and they’re all worth checking out.
vortex galaxy best live wallpapers for android

Gallery 3D best live wallpapers for androidGallery 3D

[Price: Free / $2.99]
Gallery 3D Live Wallpaper is one of the more recently released ones on the list and one of the best. Using it, you can turn your photo gallery into a live wallpaper for you to enjoy. With a number of templates available (some as in app purchases), people can customize and create the gallery wallpaper they want.
Get it on Google Play
It’s free to try and when you add up all the in-app purchases, it costs about $2.99. So you can buy only what you like or get it all at once. Click the button to give it a shot.
Gallery 3D best live wallpapers for android

Sun Rise Live Wallpaper best live wallpapers for androidSun Rise Live Wallpaper

[Price: Free / $0.99]
Last on our list is Sun Rise Live Wallpaper and as you can imagine, fans of the sunrise will love it. When you set it, you’ll have a constant sunrise right there on your home screen all day. In terms of customization and settings, there aren’t a lot.
Get it on Google Play
They also seem to better set the mood for the sunrise rather than actually customize it. In any case, it’s a beautiful live wallpaper and one that’s definitely worth picking up.
Sun Rise best live wallpapers for android

What is your favorite live wallpaper? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Eric

    Live wallpapers are not for power users. They slow down my Nexus 4 when I am running too many background apps, so I no longer use them. :-/

    • JosephHindy

      I tested all of these on a Nexus 4 and experienced no slow downs of any kind. If you have a lot of widgets or never close your apps it could cause a slowdown but these wallpapers on their own don’t.

    • Me

      “Power users” – i always roll on the floor laughing when i hear this term… I use more than 5 apps on my phone, oh i’m so amazing savvy power user!

    • Bone

      They don’t slow down my Nexus 4.

  • Robert Bridget

    I surprised that Alive Video Wallpapers (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.alivewallpaper.free) didn’t make the cut…

    • Sergio G.

      I’m surprised some of these live wallpapers even made it into the list, 2 Christmas themed live wallpapers..?

      My choice of best live wallpapers:

      1. Alive video wallpaper series
      2. Galaxy Pack
      3.Light grid Pro
      4.Wave Live Wallpaper

      • JosephHindy

        One Christmas theme, the other is winter themed with optional Christmas elements ;) Winter does not mean Christmas :D

  • Gamesarefun83

    Celestial Bodies is without doubt one of the most interesting and beautiful live wallpapers not on this list. Gorgeous graphics/effects, super smooth animations (set frame limiter to 0 in performance settings) & It also acts as a music visualiser when you play music and return to the home screen!!!

  • Ivan Budiutama

    no Zen Garden? I think it’s one of the most beautiful LWP around.

    • http://twitter.com/LashekPowell lashek powell

      I agree ,fuck joe hindy ,Zen garden and fresh leaves. Should of been on the list.

  • http://twitter.com/LashekPowell lashek powell

    Fresh leaves not on this list!?!? Fuck joe hindy. Should have been number one.its not even on the list!?! This articles. Clearly proves that Joe hindy hasnt done his research ,and his judgement is baseless,that quality and performaces of apps is thrown out the door,for profits, which is clearly unprofessional.

    • JosephHindy

      The very last paragraph:

      “Of course, there are hundreds of live wallpapers in the Google Play Store. So it’s very possible that we may have missed one or two. So feel free to leave a comment below with your favorite live wallpapers if you think we missed one. Caring is sharing, is it not?”

  • http://www.facebook.com/jason.keith.3910 Jason Keith

    great wallpaper app. Check out http://androidvnd.com there are tons of wallpaper apps and games for download for free

  • http://trapchan.blogspot.com trapchan

    Wait …. No ZEN ???? Which IMO The best 3D Live wallpaper ever (didn’t cause lag), very little to none performance impact even on low end device.

  • Rob C

    “Magic Butt” = waste of 1 dollar.

    Other cool Wallpapers are: “Electric Flow Free”, “GyroSpace 3D”, “Hawken Live Wallpaper” (Free), “Bubble” (Free) or “FurBalls”, “Fireflame” or “Flames” (Free), “Galaxy S3 Drop”, “Crack Screen”, “Fireworks 3D”, “Droid DNA”, “Popular” (by CatShock Entertainment), “Weather Clock & Countdowns”, “Transparent Screen Launcher”, etc.

  • http://profiles.google.com/arther.casillas Arther Casillas

    1.ProjectM 2.Planets Pack 3.Super Clock Pro

  • Sailor Golden

    Fuck Android, who gives a shit

    • swannanoa72

      Really??? Then why are you visiting this site – if you do not ‘give a shit’?

  • http://twitter.com/App8ite App8ite

    I’ve been creating 3D Wallpapers for Android over the past three months. I’ve created a Shark Attack 3D and Zombie Attack 3D Live Wallpaper but get the feeling users aren’t getting it or I’m not getting it. Novelties for Android have a very short install life span. I’ve used most of the above as well but always end up setting my wallpaper back to the picture of my baby son. I think that says alot.

  • App8ite

    Inspired by the above I’ve made a few Live Wallpapers in the past couple of months. If your into Sharks, Neon, Zombies and Birds they are worth checking out for free http://www.app8ite.com/live-wallpapers/

  • aquaman

    Nice list. Take a look at Real Fishes live wallpapers. It´s brand new and looks stunning!

  • http://topandroidwallpapers.com/ Live Wallpapers

    If you are really into good live wallpapers, check out our website – http://topandroidwallpapers.com

  • markrock

    1. Clockbulb 3d
    2.planet heart
    3. Under the sea

  • Brenden Keene

    3D Image Live Wallpaper by Opotech… the only live wallpaper I’ve ever liked (and it’s barely a live wallpaper). Cube Complex isn’t half bad either, just too much going on. I just feel like they’re all so… tacky. The android community needs better artists. Then again, I haven’t really looked for any in like a year.

    • LessthanZach

      I agree there are a bunch of tacky ones out there. Maxelus makes the majority of the ones that I like though. Fresh Leaves is beautiful as is Power of Life. I use Power of life on my phone and Fresh Leaves on my tablet, you should make take a peek.

  • Tulai Paul

    Good examples. This is also to inform that most of the ad network companies like admob or appnext or adcolony also offers wallpapers. However the mobile with versatile wallpapers may offer a great difference in users’ experience.

  • RahulMacwan

    Harmony and fresh leaves

  • RahulMacwan

    Beautiful relax island and fresh leaves

  • Vaidotas Bulaka

    Zombie Town nr.1!

  • IDontKnowMyName

    I never use live wallpapers but if I had to choose one it would be Fresh Leaves. No other.

  • Leonardo Rojas

    Ocean HD, Alien Shapes, and the other ones by Maxelus.Net are some of my favorites n.n

  • Bone

    I am currently using Paperland, a very solid little live wallpaper without going overboard. Used the excellent Fresh Leaves before that, which as the title says, delivers fresh (or autumn) photorealistic leaves, time of day and weather enabled. Planets pack is also awesome.


  • Luka Mlinar

    First thing i did when i got an android phone was put a bunch of live wallpapers on it and change them every 6 hours. Now i use the stock wallpaper and almost forgot that i could have a live one.

  • sourabh sekhar

    Circuitry is another great live wallpaper

  • Raftclan

    You guy’s missed Audio Glow.

  • dmphee


    Forest HD (personalized forest with creatures, Radar livepaper (weather radar map), My Beach HD (personalized beach), YourCity HD (personalized helicopter type flight view down night city), World webcam Wallpaper (1-6 live web cam still feeds at once), EarthRot live wallpaper, (realistic rotating planet, on moving star background, many planet choices, real or sci-fi)

  • Albin

    I’m only really interested in a slideshow app for my own photos – would be interested in a review of some of those and what they do.

  • SuperNinja

    My Little Cactus Live Wallpaper is the CUTEST!!!
    pixel rain live wallpaper is also pretty cool

  • seronac

    I like Scintilla LWP: simple, unobtrusive, but still attractive and interesting.


  • LessthanZach

    Alright people. This list is missing quality. Maxelus makes some of the best and most fair priced LWPs available, most running a dollar.

    I’ll start with my favorite wallpaper due to its sheer beauty and amount of customization.
    Power of Life

    Forget that lame free LWP in the article, this one has ALL of them and is extremely customizable.
    Galaxy Pack

    Another customizable and relaxing LWP. Runs incredibly smooth considering how detailed the graphics are.
    Fresh Leaves

    Beautiful custom planet wallpaper. JJ Abrams would be proud of this lens flare.
    Planet Pack

    Awesome looking space colony. Lots of elements can be changed.
    Space Colony

    A Tornado cruising around on your screen. Cool but I only use it when I’m feeling a bit wiley.
    Tornado 3D

    This one is from a different dev. He did a fantastic job at using parallax mapping to achieve a very realistic 3d effect, especially on devices with gyroscopes. Very customizable if you purchase the dollar one.
    3D Tiles Pro

    Finally, this one is from Dualboot Games. They made a beautiful underwater LWP that you can change many elements in. They also make a cool one in a forest that is similar but I haven’t purchased it.
    Ocean HD

    Hopefully this list shows a lot of you what good high quality LWPs can truly do to enhance your Android experience. I think these are all amazing quality and I hope you do too.
    Note: I don’t work or have any investment in these developers. These are all top rated wallpapers in the Play Store and I have spent quite a lot of money searching around for some of the best, at least IMO.

  • Craig Lambert

    Beautiful Widgets comes with one of the best LWP I have seen. It’s what I use. Plus you get the widget stuff. :) Check it out.

  • Mayhem
  • Hamza

    electr plasma live wallpaper also amzing

  • http://www.the-best-apps-for-android.com/ Alberto

    Hi i recommend you this live wallpapers, they’re pretty cool:

    Clash of medieval castle

    Great Cold Mountain

    Best regards to everyone

  • Victor

    Please check out nice minimalistic lwp with embedded widgets and parallax effect (Alive numbers 2) – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.calibvr.minimal

  • alex
  • http://www.clippingpathindia.com/clipping-path-service.html Bijutoha

    They are all magic in Android . I am really like them . Special thanks for
    Vortex Galaxy Live Wallpaper

  • I am a dude man

    The number 1 best live wallpaper has to go to Voxel Craft Live Wallpaper.

    • I am a dude man

      You make your own pixely sprites or use a preset that spins around on your background, really cool!

  • dimmduh

    Try this awesome live wallpaper – Deep Ocean 3D

  • Tony Vinto
  • krunall

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  • Petr Vernadskiy

    Well as for me the most beautiful is Dreams World wallpaper, it is really AMAZING and GEORGEOUS ! Here you can find it:



    Most beautiful wallpapers I have ever seen and make me relaxed for whole day!

  • Petr Vernadskiy

    Well, as for me the most beautiful is Dreams World wallpaper, it is really AMAZING and GEORGEOUS ! Here you can find it:



    Most beautiful wallpapers I have ever seen and make me relaxed for whole day!

  • http://www.freeappin.com FreeAppIn

    Hello, I would like to introduce you my new Android Live Wallpaper called LIVING CELLS, it is interactive and very customizable live wallpaper. Try it now and watch those beautiful and colorful patterns ! You can get it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.caller.generationslwp.android