The 10 Best Equalizers for Android! (video)

by: Brad WardJuly 14, 2013


Over the years, Android’s problems with music quality have been pretty much fixed, but a lot of people still use equalizers to get that extra boost in sound quality. Sure, it’s not a huge boost, but that little extra bump in quality can always kick things up a notch.

In a rush? Jump straight to the video, otherwise, stick with us as we take a look at the top 10 equalizers for Android!

#10 Music Equalizer

Music Equalizer by Rodrigo Kolb

First up on our list is the unimaginatively named Music Equalizer, developed by Rodrigo Kolb. It does just what you’d want it to do, and yes, we did have make the distinction because there’s a second app on this list sporting the exact same name.

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#9 Equalizer FX

Equalizer FX

Next up on our list is called Equalizer FX Free. This little equalizer app features a 6 band EQ, along with all of the usual goodies — presets, bass boost, visualization settings, and the ability to save custom profiles. It’s a great equalizer, and it does everything that you could want it to do.

We actually didn’t understand why people didn’t rate this higher. It’s not going to wow anyone, but it doesn’t harass you with ads like a lot of other options do. The only problem we really found was that half the presets had the bass maxed out. You have to turn the bass down or it starts sounding like Beats Audio. Whether that’s a bad thing or not, that’s up to you.

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#8 AnEq Equalizer

AnEq Equalizer

Next on our list is AnEq Equalizer. This nifty little 5 band equalizer has both a free and a paid version, with the difference being nothing more than ads. We recommend taking the free version for a spin first, just to make sure the app is working properly on your device.

We have to admit, we had a little trouble with this app. As unfortunate as it is, it often force closes when trying to load any of the presets. That may have been just us, so it might be wise to check out the free version, first. Problems aside, it’s a simple 5 band equalizer app, with some presets, that can be nice if you just need a quick tweak.

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#7 Auvio EQ

Auvio EQ

Number seven on our list is Auvio EQ, and much like AnEq, this is a very simple equalizer. It’s actually designed for the Auvio brand of headsets, but it still works on Android devices. It comes with some music controls, and a small settings menu should you need them.

The main interface is where the EQ is and, like we stated earlier, it’s pretty simple. YOu move the 6 bands wherever you need them to go or you can select from a few presets, the bass boost, and reverb. So, the question is, is it nice? It’s nice, but it’s not anything special, it’s just your average equalizer.

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#6 Music Equalizer

Music Equalizer by perfectionHOLIC apps

Next up is Music Equalizer, and as the name implies, it’s, well, an equalizer for music. With that said, you should also know that the sky is blue, Twilight is overrated, and Steve Ballmer is insane. Obvious facts aside, this is actually a really nice app with a very slick interface.

It opens up to a floating window, which is already really awesome, and proceeds to do exactly what it’s supposed to.  Unfortunately, like a few others on this list, its pitfall is that it thinks everyone wants maxed out bass on every preset. Sure, it’s not bad by any means, but it’d be nice to have some variety.

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#5 Android Equalizer Player

Android Equalizer Player

Coming in at number five, we have Android Equalizer Player. We tried not to include a lot of media players because, well, frankly, playing the media is secondary to the equalizer. For this app, that’s not at all the case, as the equalizer is a front and center feature that’s always visible. One of it’s pitfalls is that the ads can get really annoying.

Opening the app, you’ll be able to find a song and play it. When you do, the equalizer is baked right into the main music player, so you can mess around with it quite a bit. It has a number of presets and a separate bass control, but if you want every song to have a different feel about it, this is a great app to take for a spin.

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#4 Equalizer Music Player

Equalizer Music Player

Like we mentioned earlier, we tried to stray awway from music players because equalizers are more of a peripheral feature. However, much like Android Equalizer Player, this app has the equalizer at the forefront of the music player, and it’s a main feature.

That said, Equalizer Music Player is almost an exact replica of Android Equalizer Player, and the only real difference here is that it has a different look. Everything else is pretty much the same. Down to the small room, big room, plate settings, to the presets, and everything else. However, this one has millions of downloads and the other only has a couple hundred thousand. Either way, you’ll get a good experience.

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#3 Bass Booster

Bass Booster

First in our top three is Bass Booster, an app that used to be a much bigger deal back the days before this kind of stuff became common. Especially in the earlier versions of Android where equalizers weren’t present in the operating system. Bass Booster depreciated a little bit, but it still functions well.

The bass boost part of the app is a toss up. It may work on your device, it may not. That said, it’s highly suggested that you check out the free version before investing into it too heavily. Other than the compatibility issues, it’s a pretty nice package. It’s a 6 band equalizer with a number of presets, along with a stylish, but simple interface. Can’t ask for much more than that.

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#2 Equalizer


By now, you’re probably noticing a common theme here: unimaginatively named apps that, essentially, do the same thing. However, Equalizer is a nifty little app. It’s one of the easier to use out of this entire list, and it doesn’t come with any catches, such as advertising. There’s a paid version that unlocks a few extra features, but the free version will do you just fine, at least, for now.

One page one of the app, you can see all of the presets. Moving over to page two, you can set up the equalizer yourself, and even use a track to play while you do it. Looking at page three, you can control the bass and reverb. Perhaps out favorite feature is the auto equalizer, which changes your settings based on the genre of the current playing song.

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#1 Music Volume EQ

Music Volume EQ

This is it, the last one on our list, and the number one, too.  It’s called Music Volume EQ, and it has a really nice looking interface. Like a few others, it shows up in a floating window and, as the others do on this list, it acts as an equalizer and volume manager.

It has all of the bells and whistles that you’d expect out of it — your standard equalizer, bass boost, presets, visualization, and volume controls. It looks nice, and best of all, it works. Of course, nearly every EQ preset has the bass maxed out, just like some of the others on this list. That said, you may need to turn that down to enjoy it, but this is one that people like the most!

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Wrap up


Looking at the leaderboard (image above) you can see all of these apps together. As per the norm, we don’t rate these ourselves — this is how you, the people, have rated them in the Google Play Store. There’s no bias involved whatsoever.

All of these apps essentially work the same way. You open them, you mess with either the 5 or 6 band equalizer and your music hopefully sounds better. So there is very little variance as to how these all work. Most of the time the difference is how they look.

Of course, equalizers are out there by the dozens and are often mixed in with themes and plugins for other apps. So if we missed a good equalizer and you want to talk about it, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • vgergo

    I need the equalizer to be enabled for certain app and headset combinations: the solution of course involves Tasker, but not as simple as that. I found #10 Music Equalizer to be the only free solution which could be controlled by Tasker. Even it is not controllable in the expected ways, there is no Tasker plugin. But this simple little equalizer remembers it’s last state upon opening, other EQ apps needed extra keypresses to enable them. Termination was also a problem, I actually have to pm disable/enable the app to remove it from memory. There are problems though: Music Equalizer is pretty memory hungry, and sometimes gets kicked out of memory, at which time I need to switch it back on manually :-(

    Any suggestions / experiences?

    • Micro Shaquer

      Buy the one and only premium EQ apps existed in Android market that’s no other than Poweramp. Nothing else.

      • vgergo

        I mainly listen to podcasts, and haven’t found a decent podcast player with EQ built in. Currently I’m using BeyondPod, because it includes variable speed playback built in at least. My Tasker profile activates when my podcast-listening headset is connected, then it fires up Music Equalizer and starts to SmartPlay on Beyondpod. When I disconnect the headset, it exits Beyondpod and shoots down the EQ app. This is (almost) the complete scenario… (I use a different headset for music)

  • Micro Shaquer

    Nothing ever comes close to my favorite POWERAMP player. Some other equalizer apps are just catching up.

  • tspeak

    I’ve been using #2 — the one just called Equalizer — for the past several months and I’m satisfied with it…I would recommend it…

  • OMGgary

    DSP Manager from CM/AOSP or LifeVibes MusicFX (Nexus equalizer) for me.

  • Ivan Myring

    No DSP Manager!

  • boyheadkick

    oh come on AA, no noozxoide?

    • JosephHindy

      Hahaha come on man, you know as well I do that calling noozxoide an equalizer is like calling a Harley Davidson a bicycle. We may have to do another list for audio apps with that kind of depth :)

      • CatFur

        Noozxoide not belongs here. Somewhere very top class :)

        • Anuj Grover

          Could you share the link to the app .. tried finding on playstore it gives multiple results.
          Would appreciate.. Thanks!

          • Somnath Sarkar

            just paste this in google play store “pub:dogsbark” (without quots)

    • SmitchEddy

      noozxoide is different class, top class than equalizer….

  • Sharath

    ViperFX is better than DSP manager

  • gfacekilla01

    Very Nice Information. To anyone’s knowledge, is there an app that has a widget that shows the spectrum eq that dances with your music? I can’t find one and I don’t understand why it has not been done!!

  • Albin

    I’ll try a couple of these. Being hard of hearing in one ear, the feature I haven’t found and would want in a sound app is a Monophonic setting to replace Stereo in headphones.

    • Cameron Wright

      Poweramp has a mono function.

    • Alex Ohannes

      I know this is an old thread, but I’m really curious: why would you want that? Wouldn’t it be a better solution to have the ability to amplify the channel that corresponds with your bad ear?

  • Samsungfans

    Viper4android is better than all of this…

    • Danixu

      Viper4Android is not the best. The eq is bad and the sound volume changes a lot during the same song.

  • Chuck Voellinger

    Will any of these equalize the sound on a video taken by the phone? Thanks!

  • Justin Hamm

    I agree Noozxoide may not be an equalizer per say but if you turn off all the eq on your media player, turn off music fx in sound and run it through a couple hundred dollar pair of headphones or a nice aftermarket car system you can really hear the rich warm bass tones and crisp clean highs. When it’s so clear that you can pick out background noises that you’ve never heard before on the same album you’ve listened to 1000 times before you know your on to something. Plus most ppl don’t have a clue how to properly adjust the eq on a sound board they either have the bass way too high or they fucked it up so bad you can here the static and white noise behind the music. Noozxoide is a eq app for the masses due to it’s ease of use plus they’ve put way more into time, effort, money, energy to make sure it’s top notch BEFORE they try to make a buck unlike most all the horrible sounding ad-ridden eq apps out there. If you don,’t believe me check out their web site or keep dicking around with apps that are no better than the same ol’ same ol’ eq garbage.

    • Anuj Grover

      Could you share the link to the app .. tried finding on playstore it gives multiple results.
      Would appreciate.. Thanks!

  • Shawn

    Man…you should try V4A…Then you’ll think all the eqs above sounds like shht. I MEAN IT

  • Saurabh1123

    Denon Audio from D + M group

  • Mark

    HI. Does anyone know of a volume booster and equaliser that works when playing videos?

  • XvierX

    Do any of these work with Google Play music All Access?

  • This is a poorly researched article. There are literally dozens of eq’s on Android. Some combined with music players. Some work with streaming audio. Some don’t. Some serve up ads. Others don’t. Most importantly some treat audio ad an output and post process the sound, others act more last me a pre-amp and process prior to signal. This article takes none of these issues into account. I also found the graphical user interfaces lacking in the selections above. That f you are going to use something all the time it better be ez to use and pleasing to the eye. Skip this article and do your own research. Then test. I had to DL 5 of my own choice before settling in on one that is best for your needs.

  • bole

    Not even one apps have left-right selection of speaker. If one has. I’d like to know. Thanks.

  • ash360
  • Leo Deepak

    Where’s Dolby ATMOS