In the past week or two, the One X9 has seemingly taken over all news related to the HTC. Rumors and leaks have been flowing freely, and now we finally have some more concrete details, courtesy of China’s TENAA. The telecommunications agency has not only photographed the glorious gadget in a series of proper poses, but also revealed some of the specs:

The device looks to be retaining the flatter back side as seen in the HTC A9, as well as a return to BoomSound speakers. Perhaps more importantly however, the smartphone is also moving the company’s oft-criticized front branding to the top of the device. Onlookers will be perhaps disappointed, however, to note that the face of the phone has capacitive buttons, something that is more noteworthy for the fact that unlike the A9, no fingerprint sensor is present.

Specs reveal that the device has a Full HD 5.5-inch display, an unknown 2.2GHz Quad Core SoC, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of on-board storage, a 13-megapixel rear camera and 5-megapixel front camera, and microSD support. The device is detailed as being 153.2mm X 75.9mm,  7.99mm thick, and weighs 174 grams.

The “other” part

For better or worse, these pictures will only serve to further the blossoming discourse that has begun, asserting that HTC has “copied” the Huawei Nexus 6P, or even the Lenovo PHAB Plus.  While that may ultimately be for the individual to decide, the Taiwnese company has made a point to remind people that it actually started the whole metal casing trend.

It is also worth pointing out, as some have commented, that HTC did have a “periscope bar” by the camera module some years ago with its HTC One V:


Wrap Up

Please note that, despite the fact the source is an official agency, regional variations and/or changes may still be possible to the device. Likewise, HTC itself has yet to officially announce anything yet, thus any concrete information regarding pricing and availability will need to wait until said PR event occurs.

With that said, any takers?

  • Пешо Пешев

    Metal casing is one thing- coping overal design is ANOTHER…

    • I don’t see it as HTC copying the overall design. All they did was use the bar at the top which is a very clever way of putting NFC in a device that’s made of metal

    • Bob

      Take a look at the One V and get back to me about the oblong bar..

      • Пешо Пешев

        Did I say something about Nexus or Lenovo design? Or when HTC coping there own model (only you and me remember that phone) is OK? For me it’s not OK- this shows lack of ideas…

  • Xeo

    Just show me Xiaomi mi5 already, TENAA!

  • rocketryan

    Looks nothing like the pig ugly nexus. Realistically how many variations of a metal and glass rectangle can there be.

  • Daggett Beaver

    I don’t get the fuss over who copied who. I just can’t imagine making a decision like, “Wow, this phone is the best I’ve seen!!! But I’m not going to buy it, because they copied [fill in the blank].”

    • Marty

      Irrationality fills the world.

  • Marty

    HTC always does the opposite. They give a midrange phone a good display – AMOLED – and give a high end phone a less that good display – LCD.

    I’ve lost all faith in HTC. They’ve had so many years to figure it out and they just can’t do it. They ALWAYS cut corners somewhere. The One A9 is a prime example of this. They create really nice hardware and cripple it with a very poor processor. This one, they are apparently creating decent hardware with a good processor, but are cutting corners of the display type. Why can’t they use an AMOLED in premium hardware? Why can’t they put in a decent camera? Why can’t they build a device that has it all?

  • Mohammad Hussain

    If someone from Android Authority is reading this, pls explain this:
    Apple release iPhone 6 and everyone says they copied HTC, but when HTC releases the A9 it’s something copied from the iPhone but not inspired from older HTC phones.
    Apple really know how to make people think that they did it first.

    And pls update on the MI5.

    • Lisa Lowman

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    • Elizabeth Laster

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  • tylerc23

    This looks similar to what Evleaks leaked last year. I have a feeling that what he leaked is going to be the M10, with some new refinements, and this is like the bridge between the A9 to the M10/possibly O2.

  • Ahmad

    This looks almost exactly like the Butterfly S ! That’s what bugs me, lack of creativity. almost all metal phones from Huawei or Oppo look a bit like the One max which is fine

    • John Matthews

      You mentioning “Butterfly” and “bug” in the same comment really made my day

      • Ahmad

        Oh you noticed that…I thought nobody will :D

    • trapchan

      yeah the front piece is butterfly S, but do they really expect their flagship to compete with the other flagships without including fingerprint? impossibru

  • catapult

    i dont see any of these new handsets bringing significant income to htc, all its bringing in is controversies…

  • Adam A. Galas

    Let’s forget the stupid who copied who controversy and focus on the real headline.

    A9 is a midrange phone that starts at $400, this phone will probably start at $500, same as nexus 6p but with worse design, and worse specs, and mediocre reviews.

    And let’s not forget that HTC just reported a record loss and promised, not for the first time, interest coverage not for the second time, but for the third time that they will focus like a laser and stop releasing so many phones.

    The company could have saved itself if it had made just one great entry level, midrange and flagship phone.

    Instead its flopping around like a dying fish and spewing out over priced junk while HTC fans cringe at the death throws of a once proud and Noble company.

  • Ruthie Gibson

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  • Q

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    Ending 11.19

  • burdart

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