Temple Run is now a free download on Google Play

by: Bams SadewoMarch 27, 2012

Temple Run, the ridiculously popular iOS game that has been downloaded over 40 million times, is finally making its way to Android platform.  Having been promised for a February release by the game developer, we don’t mind the one month delay if it means finally experiencing first-hand what people on the dark other side have been raving about. 40 million people can’t be wrong, surely? As is usually the case, Temple Run can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store. Be careful though, as you may end up breaking your piggy bank on in-app purchases of coins to get extra power-ups, different wallpapers and unlock secret characters. The game basically involves you making an escape for your life by running from an evil monkey. Hmm, we like how that sounds.

It’s hilarious to write it, but this is the gist of the game: there will be hurdles and obstacles to overcome as you run, jump and slide down temple walls. The Indiana Jones-like setting certainly helps put you in an adventurous mood. Imangi Studios, the game developer behind Temple Run, said that the game is played by at least 13 million people a day. It almost rivals the number of people that play Zynga mobile game on iOS and Android devices every day, which stands at 15 million. But hold on, the figure for Zynga includes all of its popular games, such as Words with Friends and Farmville. Being initially available only on one platform, this shows how crazy popular Temple Run is. It hasn’t been an easy journey to the top of the download charts for Temple Run. The game was available for months with very little interest shown by gamers, partly due to the $1 price tag. Once it was made free, the popularity skyrocketed and the rest, as they say, is history. Are you ready to get your game on and download Temple Run

Do you like the game?

  • Smwmustang

    Not in my Google Play yet?

    • Pie


    • Guest

      It means that its not compatible with your device

  • Girlamy3

    Everytime I search it says its compatible with my phone but when I try to download it says its not—– mad

  • Gyhab

    Get Temple run on all android phones, it’s not far!!

  • Crazyxmaster

    Its not as good as the one on apply this one has bad graphics and is gltchy and delayed.

    • s1mpd1ddy

      works quite well on my g-note :)

  • nondefguy


    • DC FRESH

      I am with him

  • Negativegore78

    This isn’t fair! I have an optimus v and it says its not compatible with my phone! I’ve been waiting way to long for this and it has to be fixed!

    • Jess

      Agreed! Been waiting for over a month to find that my lg optimus s is not compatible with android temple run.. I think I died a little inside..

      • ariel

        i know right!!! i was waiting FOREVER for them to have it for android and when i tried to DL it on my LG Optimus V it didnt work! >:[

        • Lisa

          U guys are right I have been waiting long long time and it doesnt even work!!! Im so mad causr I would pay 3.00 for it!!!!!

          • Maira_syed

            shut up stupid fuck

          • Jocelynr8

            I cant get it to downlod so mad

  • Sshonkill

    Nnnnnnnnooooooooo it’s not comparable with a samsung dart. : …( my life is ruined

    • taay

      – saame heree !

  • Marcus

    is it only for high end phones?

    • anon e. muss

      it isn’t compatible on my lg optimus s
      crappy slow 600 mhz
      i died a little inside :/

  • Fball7972

    NOOO it’s not on my droid bionic, i dont care i would pay 3 bucks to get it

    • Zarakhan1996


  • cindy17

    Bullshit! -_-

  • Rebekka17

    You have to download it on your account online and it will go to your phone. That is how I received mine :)

  • jemorales97(:

    This is freaken retarted! It is NOT in my Google Play and I have been waiting till this day to get it and its not even there. This is some untrue advertisement crap.!

    • ItsReallyOutThere

      Actually it is legit you should look into having your anger managed. jk but it really out there.

      • Helper

        Its not available on lower end versions as far as I know.. .Coz even I tried to find it in Galaxy Ace, but was not available.. Whereas it was on S2…

    • Gthom2829

      Im mad everybody says its there but its not on my Google play so everybody u are liers

    • Joshuawhtlck2

      im tired of it i say dont advertise if its not even gnna come out or at least give us some updates

  • Downloading on my GT-i9100G…
    Will test it out ASAP

  • i think this thng is rubish…!

  • Thanks for sharing my video! :D

  • Joyce Denava80

    Why is it my temple run is different from the others?

  • Aj2ballin

    Not in google play

  • Jdsjn

    You have to go to the facebook fanpage to get it guys.

  • I think Games are way of entertainment ,online games needed some special codes and player also need to purchase the code from play station .it is better to download the game rather than to purchase and pay extra amount for code.

  • Jcanela613

    I dnt hhave temple run on my lg optimus s.
    CAN I ASK. WHY?>;*
    my brother has this game already and he has an android WTF

  • jessa chris

    i cant download this in my samsung galaxy s.

  • UnBoRn_27

    darn!! it doesn’t work!!! its crap!!

  • Hill Jello

    i want TEMPLE RUN for samsung dart

  • Joshuawhtlck2

    this is bull shit give us wat we want stop saying its out and its not

  • Janiya98

    Im pissed off y wont it download on mii fone

  • Kfordf

    Love This Game

  • Kfordf

    idr it wont download on my pandigital

  • Jeenalnahar

    , ,mk,j

  • Santoria12

    i hate temple run i hate it and it hates me back

  • Vladcula01bloodbringer

    i know right make the dang game work on our phones

  • Jaakhan22

    I cant download its glaxey note…….pls give ne a way 2 download it…

  • Alissa

    I want to play templ run but I can not find any where my Mother will not buy it I am 10 that’s bullsit

  • sanya kapoor

    temple run is not downloading in my samsung galaxy pocket it is only showing temple run brave

  • Superb

  • Ravi

    why temple run is not compatible for samsung galaxy pocket ?