HTC G1 gets unofficial Jelly Bean port

by 1 year ago

Worried that your one-year-old dual-core smartphone might not get an official Jelly Bean upgrade, due to the software not “being supported” by the “outdated” hardware? Well, that’s bull and you know it! And if you doubted that, we now have the most conclusive piece of evidence possible to prove otherwise. The HTC Dream (aka T-Mobile G1) is the device that started it all, being the first ever Android running phone in history. Back in September 2008 (man, we’re old!), the Dream was introduced powered by Android 1.0, which quickly turned into 1.1 and then into 1.5 Cupcake. The last official…

Is it a BlackBerry? Is it a Symbian? No, it’s the Google Sooner, the first Android reference device

Sooner 1
by 2 years ago

If you had fun with the images of that early prototype of a Google phone we showed you a couple of weeks ago, you should prepare yourselves for something even more “special” today. Developer Steven Troughton-Smith got his hands on the first ever “Android reference device” and we are now excited to show you a few high-resolution photos that document Android’s early days. The Google Sooner, aka the HTC EXCA 300, wasn’t ever officially released, but it’s interesting to see how much head work Google managed to do between 2007, when this device was in the works, and October 2008,…

A blast from the past: early prototype of Google phone shows up in trial

by 2 years ago

In an alternate universe, how fun it’d be to see Palm buy HP only to ditch it months after? You won’t have to build a time travel machine to see what the Google phone could’ve looked like in an alternate universe, though. If there’s anything that the Oracle vs Google debacle can bring us, is a glimpse of the development of Google phone since its inception. We warn you that some of the images aren’t pretty at all, like most phones that came out circa 2006. Specs Although the documents presented in court didn’t specify the detailed specs of the 2006…